Coming Soon: Blitzkrieg DLC

I just set the Steam page to “Coming Soon” which means that the countdown begins to the release of our first Axis DLC. The 1939-41 Axis campaign is a wargaming staple, so it should not come as a surprise that we chose to start the DLC series there. The punchy feeling of “massed armored spearheads and close air support” at your fingertips – we have one campaign’s worth of that coming up, thank you!

What’s Inside the Box

In this DLC, you command Wehrmacht forces during this period, starting with the 1939 invasion of Poland, through the daring airborne assault on Crete in May 1941.

There is a 13-scenario historical campaign, within the scope outlined in the last sentence, plus a few what-ifs (some of which are totally bonkers tbh), which bring the scenario count to around 25. We are still working out some the what-if details so the final scenario count may vary slightly, but it will be thereabouts.

The price will be set at $9.99 (€8.19 per Valve’s default conversion). I feel that’s fair, but feel free to hop in for a pricing dicussion, they are always fun no? 😀 In comparison, the base game has 50-ish scenarios if I remember correctly, 30 of which in the historial Allied campaign.

What’s New

Here is the full feature list as it appears on the Steam page:

  • 13-scenario historical campaign, based on early-war battles in Poland, Norway, Western Europe and the Balkans
  • Alternative history tracks, including one of history’s greatest “what-ifs”: Operation Sealion, the German plan for invasion of Britain
  • 50+ new unit types, from almost every European nation including Poland, France, Norway, Sweden, Greece and more
  • Beautiful new vehicle models including Pz IIIF, Cruiser mk.III A13, Citroën U23, Char B1 bis, SOMUA S35, L3/35 and more
  • A new forts mechanic designed to simulate the challenges of attacking the formidable Maginot Line
  • New air support theater assets to simulate the devastating effectiveness of the Luftwaffe: Precision Bombing and Flying Artillery
  • New capabilities for German HQs: advanced force pool, kampfgruppe, oversupply and more
  • Many new specialists, including an entirely new type: assault guns

On top of these DLC features there are many improvements and tweaks to the UI and the flow of the game itself, and also some (small) rule changes. As a taster, here is how you preview the stats of an enroute unit in a tooltip.

What’s the Plan

The Blitzkrieg DLC releases, bar some unexpected tragedies, in the first week of November. There will only be a small beta test for the DLC itself, starting about 2 weeks before (around Oct 20). You can really tell that we feel we know what we’re doing by now – fingers crossed it doesn’t backfire in some unexpected way 😀.

Re: beta applications, the plan is to contact the testers from our last year’s beta via e-mail. If you were not in that test, but want to participate, drop an email to info at unityofcommand dot net with “BETA APPLICATION” in the subject and we will consider you (no promises though, as is the custom).

A week before that (around Oct 15) we will update the testing branch on Steam. The update will contain the new codebase to support the DLC and all the quality-of-life tweaks and fixes that we’ve added to the game since the V-E Day update in May. There are also important balance changes to the game in the pipeline, a good number of scenario editor updates etc.

It will take another blog post or two to completely cover everything that’s in store, but the important thing is that this is now live and rolling. If there’s anything you want to know, feel free to ask in the comments.

Cheers, Tomislav

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12 Responses to Coming Soon: Blitzkrieg DLC

  1. GenBrooks says:

    Excellent news! 🙂
    I’m first to congrats and hope to receive an e-mail :):):)

    PS. Is there Sicily scn in Chinese on the screenshot ?

  2. Ian says:

    If the Sealion campaign gives the Germans any chance of winning, it is horribly flawed. Even with no RAF, they would have needed a rare calm Channel for about a week and absolutely no interference from the Royal Navy – even one destroyer could have sunk a large chunk of any invasion fleet simply by going at top speed near it, as shown with the seaborne bits of the invasion of Crete.

  3. GenBrooks says:

    It reminds me Rostov scn in Black Turn:Barbarossa 41
    This map was almost unwinnable
    But you’re right I suppose such German invasion attempt would have ended at best similar to the Allied Dieppe raid in 1942, but with much larger scale of casualties

  4. Rocketman says:

    Tomislav, any news on a Mac version?

  5. Billy Bob Joe says:

    The comparison to Rostov in UOC 1 for Sealion is an apt one – outnumbered, outgunned, at the tail end of a supply train.

  6. tom says:

    Cheers all! 🙂

    @Brooks: it’s vanilla Husky from the base game, just in Chinese localization.

    @Ian: we felt we couldn’t pass up Sealion, even though it’s quite unrealistic they’d pull it off in the event, agreed. It’s not a completely new thing for the series: the original UoC had Kuybishev and Baku scenarios, which I think it’s fair to say were similarly far fetched (though not entirely crazy). We do take the trouble to construct an entire alternate history path (before the scenario itself) to make it that much more plausible.

    @Rocketman: it’s not completely abandoned yet. We will report if we get something to release, but we don’t do Mac development in-house so it’s entirely out of our hands.

  7. Piotr Hauzer says:

    This is great game . I like it. Im waiting for Blitkrieg and maybe on Pacific theatre in the future. cheers

  8. Carl says:

    Hi Tomislav…I saw your comment answer to Rocketman about the Mac, so I just wanted to echo his question so you knew that there were others of us who would love to play UoC2 on the Mac (and apparently Linux also).

    I do see your point that it is “out of our hands,” but I also know that you have faithfully produced for the Mac. And, I think you WANT to see it…so, wanting you to have evidence to tell whomever (the other company, your own Board, investors, whomever) that there is a market for the game on the Mac.

  9. tom says:

    @Carl: there are good news for Mac users, as we got the game working on the Mac! 🙂

    Check out how it looks in action:

    We are not releasing it yet, since we don’t have the bandwidth to do two releases at the same time. Once we’re done with the DLC release, we’ll start looking at what’s left to be done for a proper release on the Mac.


  10. Happy Daze says:

    Good news about the forthcoming Mac release! You haven’t heard from me in a while because I figured there was nothing to discuss and I didn’t want to just be a nag.

    One thing though, when UoC2 was initially released, I went ahead and paid full price for the Mac version. My question is whether Steam is going to honor my purchase after all this time?


  11. tom says:

    @Happy: all Steam purchases are valid for both Mac/PC, so if you own the game on Steam you will be able to play on Mac as soon as the build has been uploaded.

    Also thanks for your understanding during the time it took to get this done.


  12. Nick says:

    Thank you so much for the mac news. I’ve been so looking forward to losing a couple of hundred hours of my life! Keep the good work going

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