Introducing Red Turn: The Road to Berlin 1943-45

Hitler: Whenever I think of this attack, my stomach turns over.
Guderian: In that case your reaction is correct. Leave it alone!

The dying days of the Stalingrad Campaign saw the German Army reeling under heavy blows from resurgent Soviet forces. Yet, even as von Manstein’s efforts to restore the situation were still ongoing, planning was already under way for a new summer offensive. With their ambitions now diminished and their apprehension clearly showing, the Germans chose to pursue an offensive agenda for one last time in the East.

Red Turn, which is currently in the final stages of development and testing, is our first DLC for Unity of Command. In it, we’re picking up on the story shortly after the events of the Stalingrad Campaign. Operation Zitadelle, the ill-fated German attack at Kursk, is represented as a single Axis scenario.

Most of the content however, is taken up by the gigantic Soviet campaign. As the strategic initiative swings decisively in favor of the Soviets, the player is tasked with conducting a series of Red Army operations to liberate the Motherland.

The Soviet campaign features 17 scenarios, which put together tell the story of how a maturing Red Army won the war through perfecting the art of the deep operation – essentially a Soviet variant of the blitzkrieg. We are including scenarios that cover everything from large scale operations such as Rumyantsev or Bagration, to the more confined and intricate affairs such as the Battle for Kiev in November 1943.

There are four scenarios that have been developed specifically for multi-player, including the tense Korsun Pocket and Operation Konrad.

Finally, starting with the 1.04 version of Unity of Command, a scenario editor will be provided, enabling the community to create further historical and what-if scenarios. Please note, that the scenario editor will be provided as an update to the base game, purchase of Red Turn DLC will not be required.

Red Turn will be released before the end of 2012. Applications for beta testers are now open. If you want to give us a hand, please find the instructions on how to apply here.

Cheers! 🙂


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9 Responses to Introducing Red Turn: The Road to Berlin 1943-45

  1. Robert says:

    This is what I have been looking for since I finished the Stalingrad Campaign. I know that it might be a little too soon but do you have already some idea about the price of the DLC?
    And what about the West Front?

  2. Mike L. says:

    This game needs to come to the iPad. There is another strategy and panzer game called Battle Academy that would be challenged on the App Store if this game hit the pad. I mean battle academy is the single only real war game on the iPad so far. What a shame and waste of potential. Please make it happen. And Battle Academy proved you could even effectively price such a game at $20 on the App Store.

  3. Eric L. says:

    I appreciate how much attention you are paying to the Eastern front. Most games, developed in the West, tend to focus of the Western front and the Pacific. This is a refreshing change.

  4. J. Donner says:

    Mike L. said: “This game needs to come to the iPad.” “What a shame and waste of potential. ”

    The world has way too many people like you who think that everything comes falling off a tree. There are only 2(!) people working on this game and one of them is mostly involved with the graphics as far as I can remember, plus they’re already working on both the PC and Mac platform. Writing this game for the iPad not only means that the developers need to figure out how to program for that specific platform which requires extra time, in the end it also means that a lot of time that they could have used to improve the game or to add things like DLCs, map editor, scenario editor, modding, etc. is wasted on working on an iPad version.

    You also seem to forget PC/Mac users are in a huge majority and that turn based strategy games are still considered a niche market.

    I disagree with the “waste of potential”. It’s better to continue development on the PC and Mac version and eventually decide after the game has matured to reconsider an iPad version, then doing a half-ass job on 3 platforms.

  5. Frank says:

    Really very very happy to learn that there will be an expansion to this game. UOC is a really great game. Easy to play, hard to master with gorgeous graphics and maps. Love seeing historically accurate units too. One of the best wargames in a long time. Hopefully you guys will continue to create more content. I’d love to see an interactive campaign similar to Panzer General. Keep up the great work.

  6. WineCape says:

    Will throw my hat into the ring to Beta test.’s Combat Mission series, which I was involved in as beta tester, also started as a small (niche) indie development company in the late 1990’s and I will lend support, in whatever form, to wargame development companies such as these.

    Best wishes to all at UoC and may you gents find financial success with your endavours.

  7. Julien says:

    This is Awesome!!!

  8. jeddak says:

    I had been playing around with the demo on steam since it arrived and finally bought the game last night. Normally, I avoid this style of game but I love learning about what shaped the world we live in and UOC makes it easy to jump in with both feet cold. It’s easy to play but super challenging (you should see my failures on anything but easy scenarios) and very slick. Bravo. You just made me a fan.

  9. PetydeNecro says:


    a heartfelt thanks for putting together this great game! The mechanics are fresh and fully streamlined, making the experience easy on players new to the turn-based strategy genre, yet an exciting challenge to master. The general presentation of the game is astounding – all the menus, unit icons, map graphics are lovely and up to a very high standard. Apparently, full attention had been paid to the small details as well: helpful popups provide bits of useful information, mission briefings depict the historical situation in a compact yet accurate manner etc. To make a long story short: UoC is a strategy game of style and value – and real fun to play!!

    Best wishes from Hungary and looking forward to a sequel depicting operations on other fronts of the war,


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