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screenshot [SP] [RT] Spring Awakening by Danielefc 7 Recommended by:juocBliksemKampfgruppeSjarlatanRitalingamerconboy323Billy Bob Joe Added on September 18th, 2013 Scenario start date: March 6th, 1945


An axis scenario and not easy. Truthfully it should be impossible... but hey then what would the point be...

Operation Spring Awakening:

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  • very good! lots of fun--take the bridge before turn two.

  • Very solid scenario. I find that the best method is to quickly take the bridge, and use the weakest panzer unit to cut off soviet forces in the south from supply by driving along the riverbank. With some struggle you can block them for 3 turns and then let your infantry eat up the totally helpless soviet units.

    I suppose this is a weakness of the AI, it refuses to retreat across the river or properly identify the long term threat of its units being destroyed by lack of supplies...

  • One of the best community scenarios!

    Punch through, or die. :P

  • A tuff one that goes to the last turn. The Germans will have to sacrifice some of the best units to get this mission finished. A great game and fun to play. The AI will bite your head off! Thank you.

  • I have played this one at least 20 times. The really cool thing is that good moves with excellent results are not enough. If you do not stall the veteran mechanized units the head of your spearheads will be bitten off :-).

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