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Q1: I've downloaded a scenario - now what?

Copy the downloaded scenario file into your user scenarios folder (see the answer to the question below for location).

Click on "Load Scenario" from the game main menu, and then click on "User Generated Scenarios". The downloaded scenario should be present in the scenario list. If it isn't, then please see our FAQ first, and if none of the anwers there help you, do e-mail us at support AT

Q2: Where are my user scenarios located?

A1: The following are the default locations.

    WINDOWS Vista / 7 / 8:
    C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Unity of Command\user\scenarios\

    C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Unity of Command\user\scenarios\

    ~/Library/Application Support/Unity of Command/user/scenarios


A2: [WINDOWS] If the above answer didn't work for you, try opening %appdata%\Unity of Command\user\scenarios\ - you can copy/paste this location into the Windows Explorer address bar, or go to the Start menu, click on "Run", and paste it there. Press enter key to open the location.

A3: Click on "Load Game" from the game main menu, then "Open Saved Games Folder". When the folder opens, go one level up, so you're in the "Unity of Command" folder. Within that folder go to "user", and then "scenarios".

A4: Open Scenario Editor. Click on "Load Scenario" from the editor main menu. Next click on "User Generated Scenarios" and then on "Open User Scenarios Folder" and the correct folder will be opened.