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screenshot [SP] [RT] East Prussia and Vistula-Oder by funky_trader 1 Recommended by:Billy Bob Joe Added on November 11th, 2019 Scenario start date: January 12th, 1945


To celebrate the release of UoC 2, here's a combination of two scenarios from the Red Turn expansion. Given how interesting these are and how they start a few days apart, it seemed like a good idea to combine. I then proceeded to add as a stretch goal the capture of Koeslin, which would have secured Zhukov's flank and allowed a Berlin assault in February/March rather than in April.

1) East Prussia offensive starts on turn two, when your tanks will spawn
2) Be sure to properly occupy the territory. German stragglers will start spawning around Koenigsberg and Danzig by turn 5-6
3) German stragglers will start spawning in Pomerania by turn 6-7 as they attempt to reform a defensive line
4) Operation Solstice is launched on turn 8. Be sure to occupy their deployment zones prior to that (i.e. blitz them so hard they can't reorganize). Otherwise, it's unlikely that you'll be able to capture Koeslin on turn 9 and win a brilliant victory.

Many thanks to past scenario builders from which I sampled extensively to get unit names/strenght for Operation Solstice

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