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screenshot [SP] [RT] Transylvania Offensive by hawkerace 2 Recommended by:Kubizansourdust Added on June 9th, 2018 Scenario start date: September 5th, 1940



This is an ahistorical scenario based on a very possible war between Hungary and Romania in 1940. Arbitration failed, and the Hungarians decide to go on the offensive. Exterior pressure from Axis powers force the Hungarians only to focus their campaign mainly in the Transylvania area. Can you brush aside the larger Romanian forces to achieve a victory against this historical adversary?

==The Story==

Horthy and his generals have developed a plan to attack deep into Romania. While the strategic plan is generic, a wide push across through dangerous terrain, it is up to the initiative of tactical commanders (you) to achieve the objectives. For better mobility, the Hungarian troops are assembled in reinforced brigades stretching across the border. The intent is to slip past the daunting Carol II line and border troops, and clear the path for the Fast Corps and strong cavalry brigades.

In the south, the Germans and Italians warn that the Hungarians will see consequences if they approach past Timișoara and the supply lines that feed the Germans.

==The Plan==

Press through the border defences and keep your units in strength. Screen for your experienced and mobile units and dig deep into Romanian territory.

Romanian reinforcements will trickle in as strong corps and individual steps. They may reinforce the Carol II line which can stop the invasion - it is important to circumvent it as best as possible as to not be bogged down by this possibility!

Expect potential counter-attacks once deep into Transylvania. Don't get too ahead of your important units and watch them be cut-off or otherwise eliminated.

Hungarian reinforcements will trickle as well as build up for the Fast Corps will take time as the government acquires civilian transportation and proper equipment.

Three additional brigades from western Hungary will arrive later in the campaign to reinforce your attack into Transylvania.

Logistic steps are set to 3 for Hungary, as their army is much more unwieldy than say the Germans at the time. However, the elite mobile units are the tip of your spear, don't let it become dull!

One air attack is available, so use it if necessary.

Red Tide had to be used for balance reasons, so use your imagination a little bit if possible. The Fast Corps is an armored division when I would of rather of liked to use the older motorized units of Black Tide.

If there's any issues or changes necessary please let me know ASAP so I can fix it!

Have fun, and any comments, suggestions, questions please let me know.

Remember that the older versions of this scenario will be in the forum once updates are put through.



Update 1.1

Added Romanian reinforcements to deploy in positions north and south of Cluj and the Transylvania interior. Romanian forces -SHOULD- be more aggressive once you push into the center.

Romanian air force will strike once, just as the Hungarians can strike once. Be careful!

Strengthen the southern flank so that Hungarians will take casualties trying to block the city, but as long as you reinforce and dig in, you should be okay.

Increased the amount of turns you have to take the Carpathian Mountains objective and turns over all to make it easier.

Experiment and have fun!

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  • Brilliant victory in 9 under the new version. Really fun!

  • Made changes under version 1.1

    Thanks for the input.

  • Yeah, nice one. I especially like how you have to manage experience of units carefully - eg, is it better to have a 3-strength veteran guy with engineers, or a 6-strength trained guy with engineers? Some nice decision-making in there as to whether/when to add reinforcements to a unit.

    In the mean tricks department, stripping a recon (or better yet, engineer) and adding it to the tank unit makes that tank unstoppable. You could reduce reorg to 0 to prevent that. Or I could just stop doing it...

    I agree the penalty for taking objectives late is too harsh - for most objectives, you lose 3/4 of the points for taking it one turn late, and all the points after that. Then again, I'm guessing most players are aiming for BV anyway so don't really care! One detail - there is no per-turn penalty set for Cluj, you might want to fix that.

    The only other thing is I was braced for some kind of counterattack around Timisoara, but it never developed. Maybe chuck a few more units in there around turn 6 or so, and see if you can make the AI do a serious attempt at a flank attack? Or alternatively, a few random units poking at the sides of the Hungarian offensive from the hills?

  • This is an interesting scenario and it was fun to play. I could propose one change, though. I think that with a scenario that long the difference between brilliant, decisive and normal victories are definitely too small. I was capturing nearly all the objectives on time or 1 turn after and then, at the very final stage, I got a little problem with supply lines and my troops could not capture the Carpatian objective on the last 2 turns - meaning the entire scenario was a failure :P I recommend adding another turn or two as a margin for such minor mistakes.
    Otherwise, good job :)

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