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screenshot [SP] [BT] Zitadelle-Kutuzov *New Version* by Danielefc 18 Recommended by:DanielefcjuocMandrake48Tomislav UzelacaesqefrobisherKampfgruppesourdustvon SchweinewitzSjarlatanRitalingamerconboy323BogWraith Added on February 5th, 2014 Scenario start date: July 5th, 1943


Scenario uses Black Turn map and Red Turn units. You will need both these dlcs to play this scenario.

July 5th 1943.
The Germans have concentrated a huge armoured force for their summer offensive; codenamed 'Zitadelle'. The aim of this attack is to cut off the Kursk Bulge. However the Soviets have offensive plans of their own in the form of 'Operation 'Kutuzov'.

After some further testing it became clear that there are a few exploits present in the first version of this scenario. As such I have made some rather big changes. Most importantly with the way the German supply is set up. But a lot of other changes have also been made: AI tweaks, units added, specialists added, Turn limits changed and more... I'm keeping the old version available as these are in essence two different scenarios. I like this newer version alot better though! Enjoy :)

Thanks to Juoc, ComradeP, Mandrake48 and Tomislav for some very helpfull feedback and replays!


  1. The Soviets recieve massive reinforcements on turns 1, 2 and 3.
    --Turn 1: Five Tank Corps and Three Infantry Corps in the Kursk Salient
    --Turn 2: Two Tank Corps south of Kaluga
    --Turn 3: Three Tank Corps, One Cavalry Corps and one Infantry Corps south of Kaluga -- Also three Tank Corps south of Tula.

  2. The Orel Salient has its main supply source just north of Orel. This is neccesary because there is no rail-connection between Bryansk and Orel.

  3. The Soviet forces inside the Kursk salient have recieved a "fallback line" - in effect almost doubling the infantry corps in the salient. This is done to simulate the massive (and deep) defensive works that were constructed in these areas.

  4. I have used abbreviations for naming Soviet units

  5. There are two fictitious (and static) Soviet units east of the Kursk Bulge. They are there to prevent "gamey" rushes behind the bulge.

  6. Historically the Soviet offensives into the Orel Salient did not start until July 12th (turn 2). Sadly there is no way to make the AI "wait" - so the attacks start on turn 1. But the powerfull units do not arrive until turn 2 and 3.

Regarding objectvies in the Orel Salient: Its not something I've done before (objectives behind friendly lines). They were added because in the beta versions of this scenario the player could pretty much loose the entire northern section of the map and still come out with a victory. Not excatly what was intended. Although partisans did not "occupy" the areas in question - there were massive problems with partisans in these areas at the time. As such i find this to be an acceptable work-a-round.

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  • excellent effort - great payoff. This has a real historic feel with the defenses in depth and massed armor. You are right, there's almost no way to get the first couple of weeks of the battle to play out before the counterattack in the salient.

    Super job!

  • I'm still extremely surprised that the normally defensive AI can become a ruthless attacker. I had my hands full fighting off the tanks in the North, and I had to be careful attacking even in the south: a panzer division could be quickly smashed if left forward by AI attacks.

    Still consider this the Holy Grail of UOC scenario design! Great work!

  • This scenario is amazing. I played it every day for several weeks last year, and I revisit it again every now and then. I love it.

  • Very nice scenario, it took me 4 or 5 attempts to achive axis victory, great work, thank you

  • This feels so much more like Kursk than the scenario that ships with the game! You've really captured the sense of mighty armoured armies trading mortal blows on the steppes, and the offensive north of Orel - how in the world do you get the AI to do that??

    I finally managed a BV on about the sixth try. Ultimately I worked out that a turn 3 victory is the best way to BV. Oddly enough, a BV on turn 4 or 5 is harder, because it's nearly impossible to hold the turn 3 objectives against the AI, which cycles through its tough tank and mechanized units until it recaptures the objective. A turn 3 victory is possible if you can manage to grab a hex next to Kursk on turn 2. The AI won't try to kick you out, unfortunately...

    Great scenario.

  • An update for the initiated who have played the first design of this scenario. Outstanding indeed.

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