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screenshot [SP] [RT] 3rd Battle for Courland by Danielefc 5 Recommended by:juocdmchengKampfgruppesourdustRitalingamer Added on January 16th, 2014 Scenario start date: December 21st, 1944


December 21st 1944,

German Army Group North has been trapped on the Courland Peninsula since mid October. The Soviets have since launched 2 failed attempts to destroy or dimminish the pocket. This will be the third.

Historically this attempt also failed and the offensive was called off within a week. Two more large scale attacks were made before hostilities ended - both ended as further failures. Army Group North (renamed 'Kurland' in mid January) surrendered to Soviet forces on the 7-8th May 1945.

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  • Very very hard to get the BV... I had to try it about a dozen times. It requires a pretty much perfect set of attacks to capture and hold the turn 2 objectives, while still lining up for an artillery-prepped assault on the very tough elite HG unit in the middle of the peninsula on turn 3.

    I can't believe Hitler insisted that all these troops remain in Courland, when they could've been put to so much better use elsewhere!

  • Short and sweet but can be difficult, watch your lines. A great design too.

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