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screenshot [SP] [SC] Moscow Headlock by Straightarrow5850 2 Recommended by:Straightarrow5850Kampfgruppe Added on January 9th, 2014 Scenario start date: June 15th, 1943


Attack on Moscow in 1943 using Mansteins deception plan. Hitler has followed Guderians advice and OKW has not split the panzer divions to double their numbers per Hitlers original vision. Instead the panzer divions are at full strength and the PzIV has been upgunned to long barrel versions and the both Tiger variants are in numbers. Manstein intends to attack in the north first and then feint at Stalingrad and then drive north to Moscow with the SS panzer corps. Panzer Corps are in assembly areas behind their startlines. Can you implement Mansteins vision and end the war before another winter?

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  • A great what if with some tuff points....modify this one again with the Soviets mounting a counter attack in the south. A great job indeed. Thank you.

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