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screenshot [SP] [RT] The Winter War Version 1.1 by war1940 0 Added on December 31st, 2013 Scenario start date: October 14th, 1939


This is a Scenario i made a few months ago which i never intended to upload but i decided to share it with you.
In this Scenario you will be playing as Finland during the Winter War of 1939/1940 this war is only between Finland and USSR but some German citizens actually felt sorry for the Finns so some volunteered. These Volunteers are represented in this scenario and can be found in the 'Force Pool' section, they do not cost prestige anymore!

[u]Version 1.1 Out[/u]
* Fixes error where player can't select troops at the top of the screen because of the main menu.
* Made German Volunteers free because realistically volunteers were there to help, not to ask for a payment.
* Gave the Soviet AI more reserves to use to make it slightly harder and more realistic because historically the Soviets/Russians always had more troops than it's opponents.

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