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  1. How can I upgrade the game to the latest available version?

    If you own the game on Steam, no action is needed. The game will be automatically updated by the Steam client.

    If you bought the game directly from our website, you can request a download link by clicking here. Just enter the email address through which you bought the game in the first place.

    If you bought the game through one of the other distributors, you should contact your distributor for a download link. If they fail to do so, you can register the game with us and we will provide the download. Please send an email to register@unityofcommand.net and include proof of purchase information. This MUST include the product key for the game. Note that this is a one-off process, you will only need to do it once for all future upgrades. Please allow a few days for processing.

  2. How can I find out what version of the game I have?

    Click on "Credits" on the game main menu. Game version is displayed at the bottom of the Credits screen.

  3. How do I install Red Turn DLC on a Mac?

    "Red Turn" download is a .DMG installer file. Do not save it into your "Applications" folder, save it to your Desktop.

    When the download is complete, double click the downloaded DMG file to open the installer. When the installer shows, within the installer window drag and drop the "Unity of Command" icon/folder onto the "Applications" icon/folder, and then close the installer window.

    Drag and drop the left icon onto right icon

    If the game is already running, exit it completely by clicking on "Quit" on the game main menu.

    The next time you start "Unity of Command", it will ask you for your "Red Turn" product key.

    If the DLC is still not present in the "Scenario" and "Campaign" in-game menu after the installation, then please e-mail us (support@unityofcommand.net) a screenshot of your Applications folder and we'll try to help you via e-mail.

  4. [MAC] I'm attempting to install Unity of Command on a Mac. I can download the program, load it into applications, but when I try to launch it, I get a dialogue that says: Unity of Command Error.

    It gives buttons for "Open Console" and "Terminate." The operating system is OSX 10.8.2.
    (forum topic →)

    Please upgrade to the latest available version of Unity of Command. Even if you didn't buy at our site directly, we will upgrade you if needed

  5. Downloaded and installed Red Turn - where is it?

    Red Turn requires the main game to be at version 1.04, at least. Please upgrade to the latest available version of Unity of Command if the version you have is less than 1.04. (# Find your game version number)

    If you're using a Mac, try exiting the game completely by clicking on "Quit" on the game main menu and then starting it again.

    In both cases, Red Turn campaigns and scenarios will be available after the game is restarted.

    Click on "Campaign" or "Scenario" on the game main menu - there should be a new menu item titled "Red Turn: The Road to Berlin 1943-45" on both screens.

  6. [WINE] Can I play the game under Linux with Wine.

    it should work as long as your APPDATA in Wine is something sensible (like, an existing and writable dir).

  7. Can I use my keys to install Unity of Command on my second PC at home?

    Do I need to remove it from the first PC (my laptop) and then install and activate the keys on the second one?

    As long as these are both your computers, we consider this a legit single-user situation. You're free to install on both.

  8. I've been asked to enter my game key twice on the same computer

    Unity of Command will ask you for the key once per operating system user.

  9. [STEAM] Where can I find the CD key for Unity Of Command (Steam version)?

    In your Steam game library, right-click on "Unity of Command", then select "View CD Key".

  10. [STEAM] [WINDOWS] I have installed this game via Steam and I'm getting the following error in the log file as soon as I run the game: RuntimeError: APPDATA not set

    (forum topic →)

    It's a problem with your machine rather than a bug. The error means that the environment variable APPDATA is not set on your machine when it should always be set (in any version of Windows).

    1. Please check that the following path exists and is readable:
      WINDOWS Vista / 7 / 8: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming.
      WINDOWS XP: C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming.
    2. Now check if APPDATA is correctly set. In Windows Explorer address bar type %APPDATA% and press enter key. Normally this should take you to this directory above, but in your case it will report an error.

    The following solution should work for most systems, but please note that you're really fixing your system here and not the game itself. It would make sense to investigate why APPDATA is not set when it must be, according to Microsoft.

    Go to Control Panel\System and Security\System\Advanced System Settings.
    Click on "Environment Variables" and add a new user variable.
    Variable Name = APPDATA
    Variable Value = C:\Users\YourNameHere\AppData\Roaming

  11. I can't get the game to work on my laptop, I just get a black screen.

    Is there any command line parameter I can use to get UoC to start in Windowed mode?

    Use the command line argument safe to start the game in a 1024x768 window.

  12. Antivirus alert on uoc.exe file

    When game is installed Norton says following file (uoc.exe) has found and removed ("suspicious.cloud.7.F"; "Heuristic virus")
    (forum topic →)

    This is what is commonly called a "false positive". Don't worry - UoC does not contain any viruses. Every time there's a false positive reported, we submit it to the relevant antivirus company (Norton, AVG, etc.), but that doesn't guarantee it won't happen again with the next antivirus program update. Adding the folder where Unity of Command is installed to your antivirus software exceptions list should fix this problem.

  13. [STEAM] Start up problem on Steam.

    I played the demo off steam and it worked fine. But when I bought the game it loaded onto the main menu and I loaded a campaign but then the game crashed. I then tried to play it again and this message came up "An error occurred while updating Unity of Command (disk read error)" So I re installed the whole game and it crashed before it even started.

    There's probably an antivirus application that is silently removing uoc.exe from your drive. These antivirus apps seem to be often triggered by Steam DRM (as used in the full game, but not the demo, which would explain why the demo had no problems).
    Please check your antivirus settings and add an exception for uoc.exe in that directory.

  14. [STEAM]: Bad serial number error

    When I start the game, I get the following warning: "Bad Unity of Command Serial Key!" and all I can do is click "OK" and the game then closes.

    To fix this problem, you'll need to go into the UoC app folder and delete the config file - here's how to do this:

    1. close Unity of Command
    2. open Windows Explorer (Finder on OSX, Nautilus or some other file manager on Linux)
    3. paste "%APPDATA%/Unity of Command" (without the quotes) into Explorer's address bar and press the Enter key
    4. within that folder, you'll see a file named "config.json" (or just "config") - delete that file
    5. start Unity of Command again

    If you're running Linux or OSX, the app folder locations are:
    - MAC: ~/Library/Application Support/Unity of Command - LINUX: ~/.uoc

  15. [Linux] Missing font

    When i start the demo there are only little boxes instead of letters

    This issue has been fixed, please upgrade to the latest available version of Unity of Command.

  16. [MAC] [WINDOWS] When running the game on Windows (Bootcamp or Parallels versions too), the game window is bigger than screen resolution, as if the game is zoomed in.

    (forum topic →)

    If you are running Windows via Bootcamp or Parallels, please check your Bootcamp/Parallels configuration and make sure that text size setting is set to 100%.

    If you are running a normal Windows installation, check your display settings and make sure that Font size is set to 100%. In newer Windows versions that also applies to the "Change the size of all items" setting.

Running the game

  1. Where are my saved games located?

    A1: The following are the default locations.

        WINDOWS Vista / 7 / 8:
        C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Unity of Command\save\

        WINDOWS XP:
        C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Unity of Command\save\

        ~/Library/Application Support/Unity of Command/save


    A2: [WINDOWS] If the above answer didn't work for you, try opening %appdata%\Unity of Command\save\ - you can copy/paste this location into the Windows Explorer address bar, or go to the Start menu, click on "Run", and paste it there. Press enter key to open the location.

    A3: Click on "Load Game" on the game main menu, and then, on the next screen, click on "Open Saved Games Folder".

  2. Where are my Unity of Command user files located?

    A1: The following are the default locations.

        WINDOWS Vista / 7 / 8:
        C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Unity of Command\

        WINDOWS XP:
        C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Unity of Command\

        ~/Library/Application Support/Unity of Command


    A2: [WINDOWS] If the above answer didn't work for you, try opening %appdata%\Unity of Command\ - you can copy/paste this location into the Windows Explorer address bar, or go to the Start menu, click on "Run", and paste it there. Press enter key to open the location.

    A3: Click on "Load Game" on the game main menu, and then, on the next screen, click on "Open Saved Games Folder". Now go one folder up/back and you're there.

  3. I noticed a user posted a .usg file (Unity of Command savegame), asking others to review his battle. How do you load, where do you place this .usg file?

    (forum topic →)

    Please see "Where are my saved games located" for saved games locations.

    You can copy any downloaded .usg files into the location from question #1 and you will then be able to load them in game - just click on "Load Game" on the game main menu; all the available saved games will be listed on the next screen.

  4. Where are my campaign files? / How can I copy the whole campaign from one computer to another?

    A1: The following are the default locations where campaigns are saved:

        WINDOWS Vista / 7 / 8:
        C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Unity of Command\save\campaign\

        WINDOWS XP:
        C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Unity of Command\save\campaign\

        ~/Library/Application Support/Unity of Command/save/campaign


    A2: [WINDOWS] If the above answer didn't work for you, try opening %appdata%\Unity of Command\save\campaign\ - you can copy/paste this location into the Windows Explorer address bar, or go to the Start menu, click on "Run", and paste it there. Press enter key to open the location.

    Now you can copy the contents from one computer's campaign folder location to the other computers campaign folder location. Remember to backup your campaign files if you want to return to the original campaign later.

  5. Where are my user scenarios located?

    A1:The following are the default locations.

        WINDOWS Vista / 7 / 8:
        C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Unity of Command\user\scenarios\

        WINDOWS XP:
        C:\Documents and Settings\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Unity of Command\user\scenarios\

        ~/Library/Application Support/Unity of Command/user/scenarios


    A2: [WINDOWS] If the above answer didn't work for you, try opening %appdata%\Unity of Command\user\scenarios\ - you can copy/paste this location into the Windows Explorer address bar, or go to the Start menu, click on "Run", and paste it there. Press enter key to open the location.

    A3: Click on "Load Game" from the game main menu, then "Open Saved Games Folder". When the folder opens, go one level up, so you're in the "Unity of Command" folder. Within that folder go to "user", and then "scenarios".

    A4: Open Scenario Editor. Click on "Load Scenario" from the editor main menu. Next click on "User Generated Scenarios" and then on "Open User Scenarios Folder" and the correct folder will be opened.

  6. Game will not see user generated scenarios

    The scenario editor finds it just fine, but when I open the game client to go play it, they're not there for some reason
    (forum topic →)

    When the game lists the scenarios, it checks if a few basic conditions are met ("sanity checks"). If these are not met, the scenario won't even show up in the list.

    One condition is that you need to have at least one objective in the scenario.

  7. Why can't I restart/reload a single scenario in the Campaign Mode without deleting my campaign progress after that scenario?

    If you want to restart/replay a single scenario within a campaign, then all the scenarios you've played after that one will be reset - that's by design.

    If you're not satisfied with your score in a particular scenario, replay it right away, or practice outside campaign first.

  8. Clicking the manual button doesn't produce anything for me, how can I open it manually?

    You can find the manual PDF files in the following default locations - actual locations are customizable and yours might not be in the same path.

        Standalone version:
        C:\Program Files\Unity of Command\

        Steam version:
        C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Unity of Command\

        Standalone version:
        ~/Library/Application Support/Unity of Command

        Steam version:
        ~/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps/common/Unity of Command

        Standalone version:
        ~/Unity of Command

        Steam version:
        ~/Steam/steamapps/common/Unity of Command/
        ~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Unity of Command/

  9. How can I find out where my Steam Unity of Command folder is located?

    Go to your Steam Library, right-click on "Unity of Command" in the game list, select "Properties", then click on the "Local files" tab, and finally, click the "Browse local files" button.

  10. How to record Unity of Command with Fraps

    (forum topic →)

    A: (by forum user Tim James - thanks!)
    Go to the General settings tab and click "Monitor Aero Desktop (DWM)." This records your desktop, and it picks up Unity of Command as well. You need to be using an Aero theme (Vista or Windows 7).

    Make sure you upgrade to version 3.5.99. Otherwise, you may only see a black screen and a mouse cursor.

    I wasn't able to record at 1080p with a good framerate. I had to set my desktop resolution to 1280x720 and record that. I used Nvidia control panel to adjust my monitor/desktop settings to not apply any scaling to the image. Then Fraps recorded 720p without any black bars on any side.

  11. [WINDOWS] I'm having an issue where when I exit the game, Steam says I'm still in-game and won't let me start it up again.

    There's nothing related to Unity of Command in task manager, so I have no idea what's causing this.

    This can happen if you have opened the Manual PDF from within the game. To resolve this, exit the game, then exit the Manual PDF, and Steam should start up the game fine the next time you want it.

  12. I just downloaded and installed the game through Steam. However I do not see a "Tutorial" option.

    I have been through all of the sub menus and nothing. Even the game manual says to play the tutorial accessible through the main menu, but I do not see it.

    The tutorial is in Main Menu -> Scenarios -> Stalingrad Campaign -> Tutorial.

  13. [MAC] Is there an editor for MAC?

    Scenario Editor on the Mac can only be invoked from the command line at the moment (just call uoc with --app scenario command line option)

    Because the path to the application contains spaces, you should either wrap it in quotes, or escape spaces, like this:
    "/Applications/Unity of Command.app/Contents/MacOS/uoc" --app scenario
    or like this:
    /Applications/Unity\ of\ Command.app/Contents/MacOS/uoc --app scenario

  14. [Steam] [Linux] Top panel visible in fullscreen

    (forum topic →)

    You can add "sdl-fullscreen" to launch options, but then you lose the ability to ALT-TAB which is why we're not setting that method as the default.

    If the above method works, and you can still ALT-TAB, you're probably better off.

    alternative solution for KDE users by forum user dartom

  15. [MAC] Game crashes on startup / has wrong resolution

    You'll need to set Unity of Command to run in lower resolution, or set your "Resolution" from "Scaled" to "Default for display".

    See complete explanation and troubleshooting tips on Apple's support site

  16. [Windows 10] Wrong resolution on Campaign and Brief screens

    You probably have "Change the size of text, apps, and other items" option in Windows set to more than 100% (this option is in Settings > System > Display).

    To fix the wrong resolution in Unity of Command, you need to do the following:

    1. Locate "uoc.exe" with File Explorer (this is the actual game application). It will be somewhere like:
    2. "C:\Program Files (x86)\Unity of Command" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Unity of Command"

    3. In File Explorer, right click on uoc.exe, and select "Properties"
    4. In the "Compatibility" tab, check the option to "Disable display scaling on high DPI settings"
  17. [MAC] "Unity of Command" can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.

    Do the following

    1. Using Finder, locate the "Unity of Command" app. Don’t use Launchpad to do this: Launchpad doesn’t allow you to access the shortcut menu.
    2. Press and hold the Control key, then click the "Unity of Command" app icon.
    3. Choose "Open" from the shortcut menu.
    4. Click "Open" again and the game will start.

Understanding the rules

  1. Do you have to capture the entire rail line before supply will flow from it?

    Example: a rail line runs north to south and even when it seems I have all the hexes in the top part captured the supply doesn't seem to work until I capture the entire line.

    Rail lines only support supply if they run through the supply line, and if you control all rail hexes between that supply dump and wherever you want the supplies to reach. A rail line not connected to a supply dump does not deliver supplies.

  2. Why is it sometimes that the supply lines seem to cut in half for no reason.

    One moment your troops will be in supply, the next the supply reach is cut in half. Plus when you hold down s the numbers go like 9, 7, 5, 3, 1.**

    supply depends on the weather.

    Here are two excerpts from the manual - page 14, section 3.4, Supply Tracing:

    Supply is traced from supply sources by expending points in almost the same way as moving. Tracing starts from each supply source with points equal to its range. It then works its way into the field while expending points according to supply table.

    Clear Forest Mountain Swamp Hills Desert City
    Dry 1 2 A 3 2 2 1
    Mud 2 3 X A 3 2 1
    Snow 1 2 X 2 2 2 1

    and page 18, section 3.7, Logistics:

    The weather changes from one turn to the next, and the current supply view may not be valid on the next turn. Use your knowledge of the date and geographic location to plan for the weather change and its effects on supply.

  3. I noticed two german units on which air attack was impossible.

    Is this a bug or I missed something?

    From the manual:

    Air attacks are possible against all enemy units except for those with an active AA specialist step and units immediately next to them.

  4. Red Turn prestige - I've completed 14 out of 17 battles as the Soviets and I currently have 2668 prestige.

    Is prestige supposed to be so easy to acquire?

    Generally, yes. It was also the case in the original game. There's not a lot of stuff to buy with prestige, and the Soviets have few unit reinforcements during the campaign. We felt that it would be better to have generous prestige than not a lot of it. If you want to feel some sort of pressure regarding prestige, single scenarios should offer more of a challenge as you have to make choices in terms of what you buy there.

  5. I can't Progress to the Next Scenario in a Campaign.

    I've completed the Astrakhan scenario successfully (two Iron Crosses), but I can't advance to the next one.

    In this example, you need a decisive victory in "Case Blue" to open up the Caucasus scenarios. You can click on "Case Blue" in the campaign map and it will show you some brief info on how to progress in the lower right corner (area) - it will show that "Edelweiss" was not opened because you didn't get a decisive victory in "Case Blue".


  1. Is there any way I can download a PvP savegame so I can replay it?

    Yes! You can go to this page, enter your PvP game code, and download a savegame in form of a single USG file.


  1. [STEAM][MATRIX][SLITHERINE] I've bought the game (or the DLCs) through Matrix/Slitherine - can I get Steam activation keys for my purchase?

    As of January 11th, 2016. - yes you can! Please read this announcement post in the Matrix forums for more info.