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screenshot [SP] [BT] Moscow Encirclement by LtCol 0 Added on July 11th, 2017 Scenario start date: November 15th, 1941


The final phase of operation Typhoon was a German attempt to encircle Moscow, in November 1941. The plan was to break through the front both north and south of Moscow and to meet up east of the Russian capital. In reality this operation failed and was followed by a Soviet counterattack. This map fits between the standard Black Turn maps Taifun (Axis) and Moscow Offensive (Soviet).

Not all the units that were historically present are on the map. The map focusses on the German units that made the most progress.

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  • It is possible to reach the objectives in the required turns, without using the reserve troops.

  • Thanks for a very interesting map.

    As much as I like a challenge: only a few elite german units have specialist attached, while every single russian unit has artillery. That seems very unrealistic, at least some of the units had marders and 88s. Also, the amount of turns to get the objectives are "mission impossible". The whole map seems a bit unbalanced.

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