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screenshot [SP] [SC] Operation Bulow (Updated!) by HeinzyGuders 1 Recommended by:Bliksem Added on June 3rd, 2017 Scenario start date: March 12th, 1943


The Soviets have launched an offensive, taking advantage of the absence of Guderian's 2nd Panzer Group. In the wake of the offensive, the Germans scramble the 2nd Panzer Group in order to stem the Soviet tide.

I do plan to expand this scenario to account for the idea of multiple Operations happening.

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  • I've been away from this game for a while, but it's good to know that people are still providing criticism. Thanks for the analysis funky_trader!

  • So I started fooling around with the editor after my comment and here's some of my observations:
    1) There is no defend position hint on Tula
    2) You actually have two defend with attack hints set-up! I guess I didn't see them as I had evacuated the pocket west of Vyazma on the first turn to fuel my offensive towards Rzhev's bridge. And the units around Smolensk were retreated as it's never good to leave 4 steps infantry beside veteran Russian tanks with specialists steps. Still, good to catch players off guard. You could add a few other surprise "defend with attack" hint (see scenario For the Black).
    3) The "enemy supply path" hint should be shorter. I find that highlighting the entire railway tends to confuse the AI due to the amount of possibilities to consider. It then tends to ignore it altogether. Highlighting smaller critical parts works better
    4) The scenario could more dynamic around Vyazma if there were no supply hex on the city. Give instead maybe 5 air supplies per turn during 3 or 4 turns. So your offensive capabilities around the pocket become limited and if you don't push enough to re-establish your supply lines back to Smolensk (through 2 defend with attack zone), you'll eventually lose all the units there
    5) You could add "own bridge" hint near Rzhev and "enemy supply bridge" hint near Vyazma. Should help the AI understand what to defend/block/capture
    6) Maybe a secondary defensive line or a supply hex on Rzhev would stop suicide blitz actions seeking to put out of supply the entire Russian army

  • Fun scenario! Some problems that I encountered:
    1) It's easy to wipe out the entire Russian army by blocking the bridge on the east bank of Rzhev on the first turn. This puts all Russian units west of Vyazma out of supply.
    2) The elite Russian tank on Tula decided it really didn't want to defend the objective and just kinda went off to Moscow. Not sure if it's a one time bug or the defend objective function isn't applied properly. I walked on the undefended city on turn 2.
    3) Try using the defend with attack function in the editor on some elements of the Russian spearheads. It's completely passive otherwise (beside attacks of opportunity) and easy to encircle/ignore

  • The scenario was quite a bit of fun as you have several options to win and it is not too big so you can play at a good pace. However, I don't understand why operation "Blucher", conquering Tula, is on a 3 turn deadline. That seems impossible to me since you have to cross the river or conquer two bridges and the city is defended by an elite tank unit. Also, capturing rzhev the last objective seems to be too easy to achieve and the soviet spearhead is not very aggressive.

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