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screenshot [SP] [SC] Operation Hindenberg (Updated) by HeinzyGuders 3 Recommended by:HeinzyGudersRitalingamerBliksem Added on March 8th, 2017 Scenario start date: February 1st, 1943


The Wehrmacht failed on it's push into Moscow, however the offensive in Africa was a success and Rommel's Afrikakorps arrived towards the east of Stalingrad. Along with the entirety of Panzergruppe Guderian and Army Group B, the Germans launch a decisive assault against the Soviets during the dead of winter to keep the initiative.

Change Notes:
Panzer Division strength changed in order to create a more difficult battle.

LSSAH and Totenkopf SS Division changed to Panzergrenadier Divisions.

Wiking SS Division changed to SS Motorized Division.

Kampfgruppe Reich added as reinforcements.

Soviets get a steady stream of reinforcements instead of elite tank corps on the 1st turn.

Initial Soviet tank corps weakened.

This is my first scenario. Feedback is encouraged.

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  • You are most welcome. This scenario was a very refreshing experience, having to sweat it out by defending in the first rounds before you can actually start the advance in the North. Most scenario force you to attack asap to meet your objectives in time, and the trade-off is that you never have to defend tactically. The result was that my first attempts resulted in most of my army being eliminated in the North, while I made good progress in the South.

  • Very helpful, and I'll take note of that. Thank you for the feedback

  • Ok, I was wrong. This is a very different scenario as you have prioritize your battles. I first encircled south of Stalingrad, while keeping losses at minimum in the north to make sure that the reinforcements can really bolster the attack in the north. However, you need have a lot of luck in the beginning, and around turn 5 it got a bit boring. So my advice: slightly less elite soviet and german units, and Soviet reinforcements that keep pouring in at a steady pace.

  • In the north, there are some many elite Soviet Tanks that get reinforcements very early that I don't think you can take Saratov in time.

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