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screenshot [SP] [RT] Unternehmen Husarenritt - March 1945 (v2) by hawkerace 2 Recommended by:BliksemLtCol Added on January 16th, 2017 Scenario start date: March 1st, 1945



This is an ahistorical scenario based on Gudarian's initial proposal of a counter-attack against the 1st. Belorussian front. In reality, the operation was shrunk down into Operation Solstice and was an operational failure, even though there were 7 armored divisions committed.

Special thanks again to T_Minus, using his Operation Gemse scenario as well Operation Solstice scenario as inspirations and order of battle planning, specifically Operation Gemse.

I however did my own looking into unit strengths and compositions as well as took some liberties of unit placements (particularly the soviet forces) as the time was hectic and there is a real lack of English text on the subject.


The story:

When the January Offensive was underway pushing the Germans closer, General Heinz Guderian planned an operation to counterattack the stretched Soviet forces. Guderian wanted to prongs, one from Stargard and another from Silesia to squeeze off the units on the Oder river.

Instead of Guderian immediately discussing this plan with Hitler, he approached Himmler and convinced the apathetic leader of the Army Group Vistula that the plane will work.

Guderian with Himmler and other officers present told Hitler of his plan, and wanted to use Sepp Dietrich's 6th SS Panzer Army, reinforcements from Norway, Italy and the Courland pocket to be evacuated.

Of course predictably, Hitler outright refused the evacuation of the Courland pocket but strangely conceded the use of the 6th SS Panzer Army but insisted that some resources be allocated for a future offensive called Spring Awakening (now further postponed due to this offensive). However Himmler did interject that the SS divisions continue with Operation Solstice as to check the Soviets in February. Guderian insisted that Wenck be in control of this small operation and Himmler stepped down.

Operation Solstice was an operational failure (as it was historically) but Guderian still had hopes for the larger Husarenritt.

The Wehrmacht is skeptical; but boost of morale with the arrival of the battered veterans from the Western front may be able to turn the tide this late and desperate of a time. Growning competitiveness will be shown in this final strike, as the SS armies gather heading towards Stettin and Stargard as the Heer gathers it's last breaths to punch north and east from Silesia.

The Plan:

You will first gloss over the size of the map and notice that Operation Gemse is still in full swing, but as a initial offensive start to Husarenritt.

  1. Punch through towards Gemse's objectives and help Breslau, keep your Panzer divisions intact and grind down the Soviets as best as you can.

  2. Consolidate your battered forces in Pomerania as the Soviets are mid-offensive post Operation Solstice. Either blow the bridges and hold on to Stettin or delay with your entrenched forces for the 6. SS Panzer Armee to arrive and begin the counterattack on turn 2

  3. Deploy your prestige units in the north and south starting points (but remember, Hitler demands you not commit all forces as some will be sent to Hungary for defensive action). Make sure to keep AA around your spearheads as the weather is clearing up and the Soviets have air superiority.

  4. Drive a wedge south-east to cut off the Belorussian front on the Oder and knock out and tank corps that are in position to check your tank offensive!

  5. Continue east and north with your Heer offensive; and south and east with your SS divisions.

  6. Consolidate your Danzig area of operations as well as Konigsberg by either doing limited offensives or just holding the line. If you are in risk of losing your tank steps, redeploy the steps to be evacuated and deployed to the Oder fronts.

  7. Reinforcements trickle in but very much more for the Soviets than the Germans. Scratch divisions and a mixed bag of veterans and specialists will become available but their steps are far and few between.

  8. The Soviets will start to send armies fresh from Finland and elsewhere once the operation is beginning to succeed. It is imperative you are committed to a full fight towards Warsaw.

  9. The Soviets will begin construction defensive lines when you approach Warsaw, be alert and don't let their experience deep defences delay you from capturing your objectives.

  10. Finally sack Warsaw, and push the Soviets over the Vistula and central Poland. Don't forget to recapture Memel as a starting point for the Courland counteroffensive.


This map is a big and ambitious scenario. There will be a lot of issues and uniqueness that I will need your help play testing!

==updated v1.5==
added some step balance to make things harder/easier in some case

added MORE Soviet reinforcements

Put the 2 AWP in play already near Poznan

Formed more defensive rings around Warsaw

Changed some AI hints.

Added a bridge over the Oder in front of Berlin! Vorwarts!!

update 2.0

Added even more soviet reinforcements, added a few extra AI hints to be more aggressive around Konigsberg and Stettin. Threw in as much flavourful units I can think of towards the end of the scenario, including IS-III Brigades (yes... I know), as to make every turn matter and every fight a desperate one! Best of luck generals.


Let me know what needs work, where things could be changed and make sure to have fun!

As always, updates will be posted and previous versions uploaded to the forums.



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  • Good map, see my comment on the forum

  • Thank you for your comments, and yes I am having difficulties with expanding difficulty throughout the entirety of the scenario without completely subjugating the scenario to impossible odds. I'm already working on another scenario to play with the idea of having the later rounds really matter. It is difficult work especially as the game's systems do not really like the idea of the AI going on the offensive.

  • Wonderful scenario. Especially the first turns are pretty hard as some of your best units might be gone if you do not sacrifice other units to keep them safe. Once you breakthrough though, there is little challenge left. The defenses around Warschau are pretty weak. But still had a lot of fun getting the first steps right

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