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screenshot [SP] [RT] Operation Margarethe II by hawkerace 3 Recommended by:conboy323Billy Bob JoeSjarlatan Added on October 12th, 2016 Scenario start date: August 23rd, 1944



This is my second attempt at a 'what-if' scenario for the German army.

Operation Margarethe II was the name for a planned Nazi German invasion of Romania by German forces. Although in reality the Germans never implimented this plan, they did have Brandenburgers commence operations against airfields outside of Bucharest and a motorized column speed towards the capital. This builds upon those initial strikes as well as committing SS troops as well as Heeresgruppe E.

August 23, King Michael started his coup and changed Romanian to the side of the Soviets & Allies and declared war against Germany after the Luftwaffe later bombed Bucharest.

In this 'what-if' scenario, Operation Margarethe II is put into affect to storm into Bucharest and ensure the country remains on the Axis side. Using forces from the SS (with Otto Skorzeny leading in his very own elite KG) and Army Group E, slowly trickling in from Greece and the Aegan Islands. This scenario is relatively difficult but with steady reinforcements and weaker Romanian forces, you should be able to take Bucharest before the Soviets really reinforce the city.

The scenario is laid out:

  1. Use Brandenburgers to take the airfields around Bucharest, historically, they failed doing this task, but with a little determination and luck, it is possible.
  2. Historically motorized units were sent south from Poiesti to make a drive on Bucharest - you can do that here, but I'd recommend getting the remnants on the Danube the supply connection to shoreup the airfields and your grasp on Bucharest.
  3. Army Group E will trickle in slowely from the South-West of Bucharest (As Heeresgruppe E was predominatly spreadthrough Greece) with it's biggest unit the Sturm division Rhodos (I increased it to elite status w/ the implication that it is reinforced with Brandenburger divisions.
  4. KG Skor will arrive on turn 2, this will be your most important unit in the game, drive to Bucharest, or fend off vicious Soviet attacks on Ploiesti, be careful of Soviet air - it can cut the head off of your charge if you're not careful!
  5. Furthermore you can spend prestige points to bolster your attack, although it should not be necessary.
  6. Heavy hitting soviet infantry and armor will spawn on Round 4, making it very hard to hold your northern Danube sectors as well as pressure you to relieve the Eastern Airport as soon as possible.
  7. Reinforcements trickle in, but if you're relying on them you may be too late to get Bucharest by round 6.
  8. Pioneres arrive relatively late to the fight, but might be useful for Bucharest, or retaking Ploiesti.
  9. Destroy the bridge if you're worried you're going to let Soviet's reach Bucharest, it'll make it impossible to retake with Army Group E
  10. Airstrike the tank corps, but careful - there's more armor on the way.
    Let me know what you think, with comments, questions, suggestions to be posted here. Thank you and have fun.

Update 1.5

Added more difficulty to this scenario. Made Otto's KG smaller (but w/ Tiger II), made Soviet reinforcements come earlier as well as changed the objectives and overall scenario length.

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  • This scenario seemed challenging at first, but in the middle of the second turn of my very first attempt, I got Brilliant victory.

  • Seems pretty hard to get a brilliant victory in this scenario, but I did manage a decisive victory by turn 5. I also encircled the entire soviet force, but at the cost of nearly all of my defensive objectives. (Not that they would hold those for long without glorious pipeline from the motherland)

  • Thank you!

  • I liked it - a little perplexing at first, then you get the flow and go with it. Good job!

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