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screenshot [SP] [RT] Operation Solstice & Konigsberg Breakout by hawkerace 3 Recommended by:Billy Bob Joeconboy323Bliksem Added on October 1st, 2016 Scenario start date: February 15th, 1945



I've been a huge fan of the community scenarios and the expansion of the war, especially involving 1945. T_Minus, a user and uploader of the Operation Solstice scenario was very gifted in making a very fun and relatively plausible scenario. I wanted to expand on that fun foundation and give a bigger more amibitious approach on the Solstice operation. Although I have next to zero experience with creating user scenarios I wanted to participate nevertheless. Please give it a try and I would love to hear input and comments, as well as possibilities of making it more accurate and ambitious as to what the soviets could do in the latter rounds (I want to bring up the Ukranian fronts as reinforcements but I am having troubles w/ proper reinforcement deployments and not really familiar with balance. Also, one important mechanic is feasibility.

What is new is, further expansion to include:

Further additions of German units on the Oder (nothing really exciting, just the 4th 'Panzer' Army) - used the Dec. 1944 OOB.
Changed veterancy of Holstein - perhaps will remove.
Added units of the Heiligenbeil pocket, although they are initially in rough shape - if you can save them and let them recharge, they can become the striking force for Konigsberg.
Added Samland and Konigsberg - 3rd Panzer Army: A very powerful striking force and later the 5th Panzer Div. - No supply for Konigsberg, necessitating the corridor to Pillau to remain open.
Added troops to the Posen Garrison to make the Soviets lose troops in the siege.
Added PzD. Clauswitz for reinforcements for later push, more German reinforcements to arrive if balance is off. Same with Soviets.
Added 1 air attack (to represent the Luftwaffe's final 'hurrah') - may be key in taking less losses against Tank corps.
Added 1 air supply (to represent supply for either Konigsberg or 24th PzD, the choice is yours).
All in all I mean no harm in expanding on

1.1 Update:

Added German + Soviet reinforcements. Be wary of Turn 12 and 13!

German reinforcements on the tenth turn:
With prestige you can pick and choose which reinforcements OKH will grant you. I put in 6. Armee divisions that were destined for Operation Spring Awakening, with the implication that if the operation is running succesful, Hitler would've conceded more resources to pushing deeper into Poland. However you will have to pick and choose what divisions you get. I also threw in the 10. FsJgr-Div because it was a late war division that may have be deployed on the eastern front instead of Austria. Theres a few combinations of units you can pick.

Totenkopf [Elite Status, 5 steps Tiger II] 500p
Wiking [Elite 5 steps Nashorn] 500p
8 pzd - [Normal 4 steps Skdfz 251] 250p
10. Fallschirmjager [Green 5 steps (4/5 exp)] 100p
14. PzD [Veteran 3 steps] 150p
LSSAH [Elite 5 steps] 300p

Soviet tank divisions trickle in as early as round nine but on the 12th round large and experienced tank corps from Ukrainian fronts come in as well as the 69 army, 3rd Guards Army and 52 Army. A dozen soviet infantry corps as well as 13 tank corps. Capturing Lodz before round 12 will allow you to fortify the town and brush off any soviet counter attacks.

T_Minus' scenario and if requested I will take it down/or just take it down for me. I've given him credit in the notes.

Thanks and have fun and let me know what can be changed, it was a fun experience. Inspired by Battleground Prussia by Prit Buttar & T_Minus 1945 scenarios.


Added another unit for prestige, Kampfgruppe 1001 Nachts and a Tiger step (each 50p)- little SS Division for flavour and support (I feel that Solstice is an overall SS sprearheaded attack thus more allocation of SS divisions. At least, that's how Hitler in [i]this[/i] scenario would treat it.

Added more AI hints to make Soviets more active and interesting. It is beatable, albeit really really hard - especially if you dont protect your armored forces from bombers!

Moved the pocket Supply, making the train supply easy for Konigsberg, and makes it more neccesary to link Konigsburg and Pillau.

Moved the turns of capturing Lodz and Warsaw a bit further back, and moved up Elbing a couple turns.

Put hexes to some of the soviet forces - if you're insanely lucky/skillful to smash Lodz and take the hexes south of it early - you'll reduce the Soviet reinforcements!

Special thanks to the devs and the sole moderator being patient w/ my reuploads. Your efforts and T_Minus's original work is not forgotten.

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  • Just want to say I really enjoyed this scenario, played it many, many times. The incoming Russian reinforcements make sure that even the later turns are very enjoyable;

    The only thing I would change is the 3rd panzerarmee which start with 40 experience making it very easy to reinforce that Elite unit once you have freed it from being cut off.

  • I really enjoyed this one -- great job on layout, pace, and suspense!

  • If there are any glaring issues or errors that need to be addressed please do not hesitate to let me know.

    What bothers me is the strength of the initial forces. Historically there were huge disorganizational issues with the operation. I am considering finding a way to make it more real and perhaps crippling the German chances further more. But authencity is not always particularly fun!

    Some early turn tips:
    Use wallonien and langemarck to soften the adjacent tank corps. Use nordland or FGB to smash it open. Nibble down on the other TC.

    Drive a wedge down the center of the Oder bulge with forces linking up from the bottom and top. Shuffle specialist steps and always keep AA nearby. I usually attach 88s to the motorized units.
    Bulk up 10. SS.PzDv with tank reinforcements. Attach nordlands tiger 2 to it on the third turn, and let it be the tip of your spear.

    Use 3rd panzerarmee to relink with pillau but be patient! You have 3 rounds and potential pocket reinforcements. If you're careless you might lose the Elite 1. ID. Let those forces mop up and push south to hide in the trees. Without AA they are open slaughter, weakening your right hook into Warsaw or Bromberg.

    Three are lots of routes into the late rounds! Plenty of strats for a veteran and lots of RNG!

  • I've changed the name of scenario (as it appears in the game) to "Operation Solstice - Konigsberg". This is purely because the original longer title breaks some UI formatting, nothing wrong with it otherwise.

    Thanks for contributing!

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