Bonus Objectives in Advance to Antwerp/Market Garden

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Bonus Objectives in Advance to Antwerp/Market Garden

Unread postby funky_trader » Fri Jan 03, 2020 12:18 am

In the campaign, post the third conference and if you've taken the alternate route in Italy, there are 6 bonus objectives to take.

A. Lyon in Dragoon
B. Clear the Scheldt in Advance to Antwerp
C. Arnhem in Market Garden
D. Deelen in Market Garden
E. Zuiderzee in Market Garden
F. Graz in Ljubljana Gap

Taking Lyon significantly improves your starting position in the next scenario Race Across France. Clear the Scheldt also seems to remove the Scheldt scenario (in which you clear the Scheldt, so makes sense).

However, the other four bonus objectives do not help you out in any way it seems. You still face the same scenarios in the same order. I don't even have an option to pay prestige to get an alternate path. Is an alternate "Fall of Germany in 1944" campaign supposed to be developed at a latter date? Or is it a dev choice that even with these objectives taken, the Allies would have been hard pressed to proceed at a quicker pace given logistical constraints?

It seems to be that with Anterp working as a major port to supply Allied troops, a secure bridgehead across the Rhine, and a new front in Austria, a quick German collapse could have been achieved. In game, you can even further fix your supply issues by taking the ports in Bretagne on time as well as those in Le Havre, Boulogne, and Calais (which historically held longer than expected and were taken with too much damage to be helpful). A successfull Dragoon/Race Across France would technically help even more on the supply front.

Some last comment: given that the scenario Road from Rimini is slated to start on April 1st, and that Dragoon happens on August 15, shouldn't the western part of Italy also been occupied by the start of the fourth conference? The last scenario Market Garden is on September 17th, so plenty of time to mop-up an isolated pocket of remnants of Italian and German troops with no line of supplies back to Germany. It just seems weird to see the Allied advanced stopping in the middle of the Po Valley as depicted by the map