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screenshot [SP] [RT] Battle of Halbe (Updated[Still Needs Work, A lot of work]) by HeinzyGuders 0 Added on April 27th, 2017 Scenario start date: April 24th, 1945


During the midst of the Battle of Berlin, the Soviets managed to encircle the 9th German Army in the area around Halbe. In an attempt to surrender to the Americans rather than the soviets, German General Busse coordinated with General Wenck in order to open a corridor long enough for civilians and soldiers to get through.

This scenario was posted purely to get input. I'm looking for ways to make a working, challenging, and fun scenario.

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  • I agree with Ritalin, this is impossible, more vet on infantry perhaps?

  • Now I feel like things have swung the other way; I'm at a loss for how your weak divisions are supposed to break through all those strong Soviet units. This is a tough balancing act.
    I'm not the best at this game, so if anyone knows a way to break through, let me know. Otherwise, you may need to tweak things a bit the other way, perhaps by weakening the Soviet units?
    Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks for the criticism hawkerace, It's very helpful. I posted this purely to get some input on how to improve the scenario, as I sort of hit a brick wall with how to go with the scenario.

  • Hello,

    This scenario needs some work; the forces in the Halbe pocket are way too strong, and it is very easy to take the objectives. I would like to see different units used for some of your Wehrmacht Divisions and steps removed from brigades/units as by this late in the war, we're talking about divisions that were essentially paper. This is entirely opinion though and I do not mind liberties at all, only that when it becomes over simplified/easy then I don't find any reason.

    Keep at it, and don't give up. Plenty of scenarios out there that need to be made, so please don't take my criticisms to heart. I just think need a little bit more effort and play testing.



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