Stalinggrad (Davouthojo)

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STALINGRAD AAR by davouthojo

The Starting position

The plan is to take Stalingrad quickly before any reinforcements arrive. the main attack will be over the Don bridge, attacking Stalingrad from the North. The Northern flank will be held by a solid line of infantry to keep the supply line open. The Southern forces will cut soviet Southern supply and act as a decoy.

Axis Turn 1

Air support strikes the strong Soviet Tank Corps in the South. 3 suppressions and 1 KIA make this an easy kill for the panzer and motorised divisions. The motorised dividion advances to the River, cutting off the Russians in the loop of the Don. Rumanians occuply the supply line. They are not expected to hold, but will prevent the Russians breaking out. Since only one unit can be air supplied, the Motorised division is air-supplied and the panzer division pulls back into supply over the River

Next the pocket of Russians is wiped out, making sure that they are cornered and so fully suppressed when they cannot retreat. Care is taken to ensure all the panzers and motorised units are as far forward as the can be, but in supply. Supply +1 range is added to the Northern supply point. 2 soviet tank corps are attacked, one eliminated, the other forced to retreat.

There is no point in adding specialist steps to units that are out of supply, because they will not activate. We want them on our strongest and most mobile units. So Engineers are added to the Northern panzer and motorised divisions and AT and Recon to the veteran infantry divisions. The only unit out of supply is the infantry division highlighted.

Soviet turn 2

Soviet Army falls for the decoy and in drawn South

The Soviets

Axis Turn 2

Penetration to Stalingrad

Soviet Turn 2

The Russian army tries to escape

Axis Turn 3

Stalingrad almost falls!

Soviet Turn 3

The Russian army is doomed

Axis Turn 4

The End
Brilliant Victory!