Race for Rostov AAR -> reinforcing feedback plz

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Re: Race for Rostov AAR -> reinforcing feedback plz

Unread postby Arctic-Nation » Tue Mar 05, 2013 8:40 pm

First time poster, long time reader (well, since last week, when I discovered this gem of a game... I've been playing nothing else). Writing this because I found Race for Rostov the easiest scenario to get a BV in by far - got one in turn 4 on my first attempt. In all honesty, I should admit the RNG was very kind to me in my final assault on Rostov - the defending unit (green, dug in, with suppressed Tiger step) lost one step, weakened and retreated on a 10% chance by a single attack, allowing another unit to take the city at the very end of its extended move.

Before I'm accused of anything unethical, I'd like to say that UoC is the first wargame I've played since slogging through the Axis campaign of Panzer General II when I was a kid (I thought it to be extremely hard). It's also not the first BV I've achieved in this game, though it is only the second one without using any prestige, and the first one on my first try (though some were very close at BV + 1 turn). Considering how tight some other scenarios are (Uranus! Terek! Edelweiss! Maikop is still mocking me for never getting there before turn 7...), I found this one to be rather... peculiar.

To summarize how I did it:
The north: left it alone except for some unit shuffling after turn 1. Even if I had lost everything there, it wouldn't have affected the outcome. I recycled the armour in the upper north-east to reinforce my southern armour the next turn.
East: attacked German infantry with the mech unit on turn 1, then moved it over the river to support the southern attack. Reshuffled some infantry to protect the bridges, but again, this turned out to be inconsequential.
South: There's only one dangerous unit here, and that's the Tiger one. Can't say how lucky I got it didn't attack me on its turn, but I decided not to waste anything on it and attacked all other units instead, forming a solid front line at the end of my turn. Gerry mainly concentrated on the north during its turn, only ineffectively hitting some infantry in the south.
Turn 2: I broke through the weak northern flank of the southern line, then made a mad dash with the mech unit I had moved across the river from the central frontline the previous turn and put it on the bridge. This was my stroke of luck/genius, as it prevented everything Axis from moving back across the river. I then cracked the Tiger with my other armour and mechs (reinforcing them again with the recycled units from turn 1, losing the experience, but with only infantry remaining, it wasn't a bad decision) and scored hits on the other units.
Turn 3: I mopped up the OoS Axis (including the completely suppressed Tiger remnant), and moved everything as far west as possible. At the same time, Axis forces had decided to to attack my supply depot in the north-east, so I moved some units to counter them. I'd been attacking the weakest forces in the northern line, too, and Gerry had done the same to me, though neither of us actually budged.
Turn 4: Took out the last German infantry south of Rostov, captured the rail junction just in case, attacked Rostov and got the luckiest roll I've ever gotten in this game so far. If it had failed, Rostov still would've been mine on turn five with only weak German forces being able to reach me in time.

Attached is my savegame, so you can witness my huge tactical brain in action.

Edit: after posting, I remembered having read that campaign files don't work when alone, so here's the whole campaign folder so far instead.
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Re: Race for Rostov AAR -> reinforcing feedback plz

Unread postby Red Dragon » Fri Nov 22, 2013 9:42 pm

Arctic-Nation wrote:Writing this because I found Race for Rostov the easiest scenario to get a BV in by far - got one in turn 4 on my first attempt.

Absolutely, Race for Rostov is probably the easiest scenario for scoring a BV, it is scored way too forgiving. I actually watched my own BV replay of this scenario from almost a year ago (date says 19.02.13) and I was mortified by it... I thought that brilliant victory was well-earned at the time, but really I had no bloody idea what I was doing back then. One move, one mistake - it even hurts to watch. :D