Units in Saar-Vosges Offensive Scenario

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Units in Saar-Vosges Offensive Scenario

Unread postby JBerg2021 » Fri May 01, 2020 2:16 pm

I swear, this is the last time I will post an order of battle item for this update.

I was looking at the Saar-Vosges Scenario and comparing the units to the Lorraine Scenario in the historical campaign, and noticed a couple oddities.

First, the 83 ID is here, which was part of VII Corps at the time. It was attached to 3rd Army in this specific time period, but I think it would more likely be at the German border than laying siege to Metz. Historically, the siege was performed by 5 ID (to the south of Metz, east of the Moselle), the 90 ID (northeast of Metz, east of the Moselle), and eventually the 95 ID.

Second, there are a few missing units I would have expected to arrive during this timeframe. The 26 ID actually arrived at the front on October 12th (3rd Army/XII Corps), the 95 ID on October 18 (3rd Army/XX Corps), the 44 ID on October 18th (7th Army/XV Corps), the 100 ID arrived on November 1st (7th Army/VI Corps), and the 10 Arm on November 2nd (3rd Army/XX Corps). The last two likely arrive too late to make a meaningful or accurate contribution to the scenario, but the other 3 could easily have been involved in the offensive.


1) Rearrange the units on the German border, basically swapping in at the same points, north to south [Current in Brackets], 83 ID [5 ID] - 80 ID [90 ID] - 4 AD [4 AD] - 35 ID [6 AD].

2) Rearrange units for the siege of Metz: 5 ID [35 ID], 6 AD [80 ID], 90 ID [83 ID].

3) Add the following as reinforcements: 26 ID [Turn 1], 44 ID [Turn 2]. (If the scenario extends far enough into November, 10 AD and 100 ID could appear on the same turn)

However, I also recognize that this is an alternate scenario where instead of XX Corps making the offensive to cut off Metz while XII Corps drives south to the German border, it seems XII Corps has cut off Metz while XX Corp drove North to the German border and the Armored elements of XII Corps broke out to the south. That makes sense. Presuming this is the basis of the scenario, an alternate set of suggestions is provided below:

1A) Rearrange units on the German border: 83 ID [5 ID] - 90 ID [90 ID] - 4 AD [4 AD] - 6 AD [6 AD]

2A) Rearrange units for the Siege of Metz: 5 ID [83 ID] - 80 ID [80 ID] - 35 ID [35 ID]

3A) Add Reinforcements: Same as above.