UI Scaling [update 12 test]

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UI Scaling [update 12 test]

Unread postby Tomislav Uzelac » Tue Apr 21, 2020 8:29 am

Starting with Update 12, the game is able to do UI scaling on its own. To turn this thing on, go to Options and adjust these settings:

  • Ignore System UI Scaling: this will make the game ignore the "Make everything bigger" Windows setting. The game will render in native display resolution. Note that the "Make fonts bigger" Windows setting is always ignored for game purposes.
  • UI Scale: the game will scale (enlarge) UI elements by selected factor, up to 200%. This is done independently of Windows, so you probably want to select the "Ignore System Scaling" option above for anyhing else than 100%.

Q: The game appears to be low-resolution and/or text is blurry
It is possible that you have enabled the "Make everything bigger" setting in Windows. Try enabling Ignore System UI Scaling in Options and then restarting the game.

Q: I have a high-resolution display and text is too small to read
Go to Options, and set UI Scale to desired magnification (up to 200%). Restarting the game is not needed.

Q: I'm running the game in Very High settings on a high-resolution display and the framerate seems low and/or fan is too loud
Go to Options/Video and set Smoothing to Off. This should be of most help with the framerate, and at the same time not too noticeable visually. Another thing to try is to go to Options/General and disable VSync. This eases the burden on the CPU (not GPU) and should help with fan noise in most cases.
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