Let's mourn over the gamey stuff

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Let's mourn over the gamey stuff

Unread postby Boris » Mon Oct 14, 2019 6:27 pm

As UoC2 is nearing release, it's time to mourn the gamey stuff that soon enough, we won't be able to do anymore.

1. Reorganizing stock infantry into motorized
2. Reorganizing Panzer-2s into Panzer-4s
3. Steamrolling through a scenario with 7-strength, elite, engineer Panzers (after reorg). Taifun and Baku come to mind here.
4. Cutting enemy supply with out of supply units
5. Sacrificing entire infantry divisions for a BV (Soviet OK, but German gamey)
6. Having the perfectly scripted opening move for every scenario because you know how the AI will play

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