Stalingrad Campaign 1942-43 (Soviet)

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Stalingrad Campaign 1942-43 (Soviet)

Unread postby uran21 » Sat Jun 30, 2018 7:57 am

Stalingrad Campaign 1942-43 (Soviet) is arguably easier than Axis campaign. Playing as Soviets is different experience due to their lower strength across the board. It all comes down to cutting Axis off supply and waiting for unit efficiency to drop considerably before annihilating the enemy. Partisan ability can also be helpful in this regard. Sometimes just cutting off supplies at any point is not enough, sitting on supply source is more favourable even if your unit gets combat ineffective for the rest of the battle. This depicts Deep Penetration Strategy very well and in game supply sources become objectives of their own needed to be captured several turns before victory defining objectives. What does not work very well is war of attrition. Sure, if German unit is lower on steps or Soviet infantry has specialist step it could work but other than that there is no concept of losing efficiency through repeated combat. I could throw several Soviet infantries on German unit and waste them all while achieving nothing in return.

Campaign ended with all Briliant Victories with highest score. Uranus done in 1 turn and I could say, in Race for Rostov, I felt most empowering. :D

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