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Planning Room

Unread postby uran21 » Sat Mar 24, 2018 10:32 am

UoC interface is not burdened by buttons and info yet still there are toggle buttons on the upper left which are repeated in the Menu and could as well stay in the Menu.

More than those I would like to see button that will bring me to Planning Room interface.

Planning Room would be tool that helps people predict how supply is distributed in the area.

Current hex ownership and units on the map could be present with supply overlay superimposed over them (toggle on/off available).

Ability to see spread of enemy supply as well as your own.

Ability to remove supply source or “cut” spot on the railway for both sides and observe effects.

Ability to see spread of supply of your own in enemy controlled territory (regardless of current unit positioning).

Ability to increment supply range if scenario has such Theater Asset (and decrement to test various options) and in the amount provided for scenario indicating which turn that would be.

This tool would be very helpful in planning advance of the army especially on very challenging maps. Now such predictions need to be made in head which can be difficult due to influence of terrain on supply distribution. Visualization would made this task much simpler.