Appreciation Thread - Superb game!

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Appreciation Thread - Superb game!

Unread postby Loyal_VIggo » Fri Aug 17, 2012 12:26 pm

Greetings all,

I grew up playing amazing and in-depth strategy games by a small German studio called 'Bluebyte', in particular their Battle Isle series and also Historyline 1914-18 (I think it was called something else in NA). To me, these turn-based strategy games and the masterful gem that is Master of Orion 2 (by Microprose?) are at the pinnacle of strategy, and I thought I'd never see anything else as good. In fact, I still play BI3 and MOO2 from time to time... but I digress.

However... I recently stumbled upon and instantly bought Unity of Command and all I can say is 'superb!', and 'thank you', to the developers. My long and fruitless search has found something that not only is engrossing and fun to play, but brings back memories of my childhood and that is a gift rarely given. My sincere thanks to all involved in the creation and ongoing development of the game.

I look forward to any expansions or new games in this series.

Loyal Viggo