Hello from Poland, great game

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Hello from Poland, great game

Unread postby adin » Wed Aug 15, 2012 10:41 am

Hello from Poland! :D
I just bought this game yesterday, after some demo experience and i must say it loud: THAT IS SUPERB TITLE :)
Im not a 100% fanatic (played some Blitzkierg, PC demo, and some PG) of this type of games (I like something else, racing simulations) But Im interested in WWII, particularly the eastern front 'operations'.

I am glad that the game runs even on my netbook, Im able to play even in the summer time, what I am doing right now, thats big plus :) I waiting for some new stuff for game :)

The only drawback is the price, at least for people in my country, you know, our currency [PLN], by the inept government is not strong so UoC cost me almost as much as a new game for ps3 :roll: