what 3d software?

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what 3d software?

Unread postby jinchoung » Fri May 18, 2012 9:53 am


i was reading the blog about the image used for the cover and while modeling in a 3d package is mentioned, which package never was... i'm in cg myself and so i was curious.

since there's nothing of the interface (or even a grid) displayed, there's not much to go on.... but that particular shade of cyan on the wireframes would make me guess lightwave.


anyhoo, awesome awesome game. love that you guys really expose a core component of operational gameplay, supply, so clearly and well. one big beef that i have with most wargames is that they don't clearly specify what the RELEVANT FACTORS of the given scale are, you either have to already know or you have to guess.... with uoc, you make the core factor the central game mechanic. also, really love the graphics. personally, if i'd have seen a game with nato symbols from the outset, it would have intimidated me. this game didn't intimidate me. great job, rock on, and i'm really looking forward to further games you guys would do... would love to see your take on a company scale tactical game ala tabletop minis games.


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Re: what 3d software?

Unread postby Nenad Jalsovec » Sun May 20, 2012 7:44 pm

Thanks jin.

It's Maya. I'm not big on 3d package fetishism but somehow came to prefer Maya's flexibility. Especially when it comes to setting up atypical production pipelines.

That being said, the wireframes in tutorial are not viewport snapshots. They are renders made with MentalRay's contour shaders.