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Re: Your best score?

Unread postby Bylandt » Mon Oct 29, 2012 3:02 pm

metolius wrote:My experience is that the real killer is weather. Terek in 6 turns (brilliant victory) is pretty doable, but you need a little luck (always) AND if you get nailed by weather, forget it.

Exactly. I managed 2360 pt in the German campaign, but I reloaded Kuybishev because in my first attempt my army was struck by" the mudcload of doom" in turn 4 and it seemed to follow my army around.
I couldn't have gotten a BV (or even a DV) even if there wasn't a single Soviet unit on the map.

I got a DV in Case Blue, Edelweiss and Terek and a BV in all the others.