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Supply Topic

Unread postby Adyy82 » Wed Feb 01, 2012 8:50 am


I played a bit more and clearly games has great potentian yet there a few issues I want to disscuss

I don't fully understand logic behind supply and I will explain why in my opinion current implementation works agains gameplay and unrealistically increases difficulty of the game .

First in war not only in WW2 but in any war there are huge logistical problems - true but I know bassically no case in which a unit of any size on frontline in any sector of any front was left completly out of supply . In my opinion only encircled units should be out of supply .

I know virtually no case of any unit and I'm talking about most mobile units that usually open ofensives and go deep behind enemy lines that have virtually stopped and even worse could not fight because they have no supply . It didn't happend because even in worst case scenario this is usually planned in advance (like an option to add extra supply before an attack in game ) or by air . I mean this is planned there is no logic in breaking front line and then watch as your units have no supply because of no reason . Ok reiforcements is a different issue I fully agree that was hard for germans mostly to reiforce their weaken units but left without basically no fuel, or ammo or projectiles this rarely if ever happend for non-encircled unit .
Even massive 6 army at Stalingrad fought for almost 3 months completly encircled .
This issue greatly increases game difficulty beaucase more or less often units can't fight and they should fight because there is no encirclment so I see no logic that my units can't fight because they are in an so called area not covered by supplly ...I mean really ?! There should be supply for units in worst case away from supply they should be weaker do less damage but should be able to fight and move a bit . Supply shoudl catch up fast with important units they were usually a priority for any army in any attack so I would prefer to supply important units in important sectors at espense of supply for other units in less exposed or not so important sector .

Aviation and artilery are poorly implemented . I don't feel air attacks are as strong as they should be and besides there is no option to gain air superiority in a sector but ok you ar as exposed to attacks as the enemy so no really a negative here .

Artilery here I'm surprised , feels like there is no way to suppress entrenched enemy with artilery in chosen sector - artilery played major role in WW2 , germans were first to develop mobile artilery units, they had support Stugs from first months of war , add some option to attach artilery dedicated units to infantry divisions should exist . It's hard to attack entrenched enemy most of times only with infantry without any support that in reality existed . There should be an option to attached multiple specialized units to a division not just one .

There should be visiual message either from units or direct message that units are in bad terrain . Units usually reported everything to command .
Bridges that are broken or need repair should be shown in red or other visual .

So this is all I'm thinking atm game has potential but should be more player friendly .

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Re: Supply Topic

Unread postby jlub » Thu Feb 02, 2012 12:39 am

Units can fight at almost full effectiveness after being out of supply for one turn. At this scale, that seems about right. Also, some scenarios do give you the ability to resupply by air. I'm sure supply could be modeled more realistically, but at what cost to playability and balance?

Air and artillery are highly abstracted in this game; these are areas where wargames can get bogged down pretty easily, with a lot of rules overhead for not much difference in outcomes. Personally, I think the designers made good choices here. I wouldn't mind some ranged artillery, though.

As for terrain -- well, yeah, maybe it could be clearer. I do wish there was an in-game TEC. But hitting "t" to see the terrain isn't too much trouble.

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Re: Supply Topic

Unread postby Spooner » Thu Feb 02, 2012 2:19 am

"Units can fight at almost full effectiveness after being out of supply for one turn" - being one turn out of supply has no effect whatsoever; the marker is just a warning to make sure you get back into supply before you've spent two whole turns out of supply, which does prevent attack and cause partial suppression (which represents about 8 days in total without any supplies at all, I think).