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Unread postby thirsty » Fri Jan 06, 2012 2:15 am

I imagine you guys got Operation Zitadelle on deck, ready to release.... :D

That would be pretty cool cuz I'm now a full blown UOC junkie. So how long we going to be waiting????

My wishlist would include a defensive campaign for the germans running through Korsun Pocket (UOC's emphasis on supply disruptions would make this an excellent scenario). I don't know how you could get the AI to play along, maybe just release the scenarios as Multi-player. Also the special Sturm Abteilungs would also have to make a show, maybe as high end specialist steps... The Soviets should get a little stronger near war's end, even by Operation Bagration they were already tactically a heck of a lot more capable than even the year before. The Dnieper Offensives could feature both Sov engineer and airbourne trying to establish bridgeheads and german eng. units trying to blow them up!!! That would be tres cool.