First thoughts & Impressions

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First thoughts & Impressions

Unread postby Danielefc » Mon Nov 28, 2011 6:22 pm

First of: What a real gem you guys have made here!

For me this is the first game since Panzer General that has succesfully captured that illusive perfect combo of simplicity and yet depth.

The good:
Gameplay is smooth and seemsless
Game realeased in perfect condition (almost no crashes and perfectly balanced - these days that is truly a rare thing)
Great way of modelling supply
Sounds are nice and never get annoying - difficult to achieve since there is a lot of repetition here.
Good replayability
Smooth and simple graphics

The bad:
Could have had a bit more types of units and stats (different bombers, mountain boost to mountaineers, different tanks etc)

Finally a MUST for an expansion/ big patch:
Its really sad that we dont "follow" our units through the campaign - would really add alot

Again - big thumbs up from here!

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Re: First thoughts & Impressions

Unread postby Tomislav Uzelac » Mon Nov 28, 2011 11:00 pm

Hey daniel, welcome to the forums! :-)

Thanks for the kudos and also already a nice contribution in the "Tips & Tricks" section.

The campaign is being actively discussed in the other thread. There's many different perspectives... I'll try to make sense of everything and add something to campaign mode for the next campaign/DLC/expansion (not decided yet)