Unity of Command Needs Your Help! Rate and Review Us!

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Unity of Command Needs Your Help! Rate and Review Us!

Unread postby Ritalingamer » Thu Feb 26, 2015 12:08 am

Hi there!

The Unity of Command team and I are in kind of an odd position re: publicity. The game didn't have a big marketing budget at launch, so though the game has become popular and has a "cult" following, we're very much a "sleeper hit." A steady stream of people still buy the trilogy and base game, but we have relatively few reviews and ratings on Steam - only about three hundred.

The game was out and available to download for a year before we even got on Steam. By the time reviews were an available option, most of our initial fanbase had moved on.

So, here's the simple way you can help us:
Rate and review UoC and the DLC on Steam!

We rely heavily on word of mouth, sympathetic reviewers, and social media to spread the word. So, if you love the game, tell people about it! The more who know about the game, the bigger the community becomes - and that means more PVP, more forum contributors, and more community scenarios.

We'll also feature some of our favorite reviews on social media, like our Twitter https://twitter.com/unityofcommand and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/unityofcommand pages.

Thanks from me and the whole Unity of Command team!
- Matt