Black Turn, serious business.

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Re: Black Turn, serious business.

Unread postby Sjarlatan » Fri Dec 20, 2013 1:40 pm

I just secured one of my greatest strategic victories so far in UoC in the Donbas nip scenario.

6 turns! No prestige use! :D

As mentioned earlier in this thread, Donbas nip was the only scenario in my first playthrough(With only first tries and no prestige use) of the Black turn campaign that resulted in a loss. I think looking at my own underwhelming force compared to the endless hordes(Pardon my use of Goebbelsy rhetoric.) of russian infantry and cavalry positioned above my supply lines might have affected my belief in the local endsieg. (Sigh.:roll:)

I might try and make my first AAR of this game later.

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Re: Black Turn, serious business.

Unread postby sourdust » Sat Dec 21, 2013 9:14 pm

Just finished my second run through the Black Turn campaign. Great fun, got the perfect 10000 prestige ending for all BVs with no general HQ replacements/reinforcements, though I had to restart some of the scenarios.

Best moment was in "Dash to the Donets" - in the South, my small offensive force managed to punch a hole in the defence early on, which allowed a German motorized unit to rush forward and sieze Mariupol on turn 2, far ahead of schedule! The unit was soon out of supply - but then again, so was the entire Russian southern front. The Hungarian motorized brigade ended up as a veteran unit, after rounding up heaps of out of supply Russians. I've never had a veteran axis allied unit before!

Wonderful game guys, look forward to your next one.

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Re: Black Turn, serious business.

Unread postby THEPUNISHERNL » Sat Dec 21, 2013 11:14 pm

I am still pretty new to unity of command. I disliked the game at first but then i figured that i maybe didn't try hard enough to learn it and to play it properly and here i am again. at the moment i only have 1 brilliant victory and 2 decisive ones and i am at the 7-8th scenario i believe in the blackturn campaign. The campaign is pretty intense and it really shows how such large amounts of russian units where just totally anhiliated in the first months of barbarossa by superior german planning and units. i can't wait to storm moscow and plant my flag on the kremlin :P .

As for a next game i would like to see the african theatre. it has massive potential for interesting axis and allied scenario,s And the army,s who fougth there where pretty balanced with the allies having the number advantage like in russia but the germans having the better tactics and leadership. But you would have diffrent weather and maybe even sandstroms to worry about. And supplying units would be even more critical because of the severe lack of water. What do you think devs? ;)