The perfect mobile machine for UOC

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The perfect mobile machine for UOC

Unread postby nikdav » Sat Apr 27, 2013 6:08 pm

I found the perfect mobile machine for UOC :

ASUS eeePC 1000h
Linux Lubuntu 12.04 iso 32bit
usb key 4gb
SD card 16 gb

- With my Windows PC I made a bootable usb key with Xboot.exe and Lubuntu iso
- Start my old eeePC 1000h with the bootable USB (eeePC with 1gb ram and without hard disk, but with a 16 gb SD card on the eeePC card reader)
- Correct the Bios boot option
- I try the USB live Lubuntu distribution and than install Linux on the SD card
- in 30 minutes i had a fast lubuntu OS on a reborn eeePC
- I install UOC on the SDcard and incredibly i run UOC + Red Turn + scenario editor
- My eeePc run as never before with Windows XP, very fast and silent (without Hard Disk) and the old battery run again for two hour and over.
- and UOC run very well, all sound, Graphics, fonts OK................i don't believe to my eyes.

I return to my eeePC for other test.


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Re: The perfect mobile machine for UOC

Unread postby The Vorlon » Mon May 13, 2013 5:15 pm

A nice solution - though I find it runs very well on my Surface Pro under Windows 8, with sufficient battery life for a flight from the east coast US to Phoenix Az - except touch doesn't work, but the keyboard and pointing device works just fine.