Another Happy Customer

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Another Happy Customer

Unread postby jcgator » Tue Jan 22, 2013 8:58 pm

Greetings from not so sunny Florida!

Picked up both "Unity" and "Red Turn" during the holiday sale. For a mere $20, I am having a blast with this fun, playable and addicting game. I may not be the best General as I am often impatient and not really good with the supply lines yet, but I am improving step by step. Took me at least 20 tries to finally conquer "Advance to Kiev" on the very last turn as keeping my units supplied and strong is difficult there. "Edelweiss" was tough, too, but once you find the right strategy, objectives start to fall and you wonder why you didn't figure things out much earlier. I have finally got through the "Medium" scenarios with a lot of trial and error, but experimenting with new tactics is half the fun of the game.

Like some others here, I would like to see scenarios playable by the opposing side and non-linear/dynamic campaigns, just to make the experience even better. Nice to note that some of the group have come up with their own scenarios and I look forward to playing more of them.

Thanks for making a great game and supporting your product so well. From what I can gather, the developers are receptive and ambitious, so I think we will be seeing more additions and improvements in the near future. I will have occasional comments and questions and look forward to interacting with everyone.