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Interface details

Unread postby Tigga » Thu Nov 22, 2012 6:57 pm

Firstly - fun game! Nice and challenging without being impossible. The AI is really rather good at preventing you from acheiving your objectives quicky, even if I find them a bit agressive to cut supplies, and not defensive enough to preserve their own.

Secondly... I have some gripes about the interface. As they say, the devil is in the detail, and I find the details of the interface somewhat lacking.

1) Left-click select, left click action. This just leads to misclicks. I know some people use computers without a right mouse button, so an option for LC->LC is good, but on those which do have a right mouse button it kinda makes sense to use it. I've lost objectives due to slightly sloppy clicking causing me to accidentally attack a unit rather than select another unit. It's very annoying.
2) It's a game of complete information, so why isn't the inteface complete? By this I mean that the overlays only show tile info for one player. Supplies are only shown for the player, zones of control on the opponent. When attempting to cut supply lines I don't want to have to count to work out if I'm being effective or not, just as I don't for my own supplies. Similarly, if I click on an enemy unit why can't I see the hexes he can travel to as I can with my units?
3) Why can't I have a soviet and a german campaign on simultanously (without having to backup the saves out-of-game)?
4) The space-toggle for move/move+attack seems a very clunky system to me. Surely this could be done with two bounding lines, or by allowing additional "black border" movement after going as far as you can normally.
5) Some sort of river highlighting on the hex grid would be nice. I find I often have to toggle the terrain layer on and off a few tiems to see the exact positions of my troops and the rivers.

Micro-rant over! Back to playing...

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Re: Interface details

Unread postby goodlistener » Tue Jul 25, 2017 2:57 pm

Has point 2) in Tigga's post been answered anywhere?
Curious about the reasoning for leaving out the two obvious counterpart overlays and info on potential opponent movement.
To get best results, you get this info anyway by paying attention and counting hexes, which takes more time.
I can vaguely imagine an argument for initial uncertainty that pedantic, minmaxing players have to overcome without ingame help,
but it doesn't seem to fit here with the overall ingame info, the ZOC overlay for opponent and supply overlay for player already provided.