2nd Karkov next to impossible

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2nd Karkov next to impossible

Unread postby lonestar » Wed Oct 31, 2012 2:47 pm

Maybe im just bad at this game but wow, trying to capture the 2 towns in 4 turns is just impossible. I use my air to soften up on the tracks area to try and get a push through but you end up often times not being able to kill the 38A unit even though I have 3 air and 3 units used against it to make a breakthrough. Funny thing the AI seems to have np destroying a unit of mine when it wants to cut off my supplies and make a salient. I dunno, as much as I try to make a salient along the rail road the AI just has the ability to stop any advance or delay it enough to make it past the turns 4-5. One other thing, I used engineers but they dont seem to add much extra punch. I been reading the forums for strategies and am trying to use them but not having much luck with getting to the towns to get the prestige.

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Re: 2nd Karkov next to impossible

Unread postby Stahlgewitter » Wed Oct 31, 2012 4:26 pm

The trick is as in most German scenarios to pull all your best units together in one part of the map. In this case the area to concentrate all the armour and MOT in is immediately S of the river bend W of Izyum - you must be in a position to lay the bridge by the end of turn 2. This entails eliminating or containing at least the Red cavalry and both their tank units on T1 or you will have supply problems.

You can abandon everything E of the railway line in the south - when you finally take Izyum it will be from the north. This frees up a lot of infantry you will need to protect the railway itself and make absolutely sure the Soviets can't cross the southernmost bridge. (The T-34 equipped infantry can give you a rude shock nonetheless and should be the target of any airstrikes you have going begging.)

Then it's just a matter of using your armoured might to slaughter a path through the Soviet defenders of the northern towns. Your forces in the Belgorod area don't need to attack at all - I usually attempt to destroy the northern bridge on T1, in fact, and just snipe away at the handful of Soviet units on the west bank until the spearhead from the south cuts the enemy remnant out of supply.

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Re: 2nd Karkov next to impossible

Unread postby RambOrc » Wed Oct 31, 2012 8:30 pm

Here is a messy and not too realistic BV you can check for ideas.
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