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How to report bugs

Posted: Fri Oct 04, 2019 6:58 pm
by 2xPelin
First, check if this has already been reported.

If not, than you should create new post and explain how to recreate that bug. What were you doing, what happened, what os are you using...
Also upload your log.txt and west.usg

You can find them here:
  • %localappdata%\.uoc2\log.txt
  • %localappdata%\.uoc2\save\campaigns\west.usg


Post should look like this:
Subject: [Beta3] - Windows 7 - Crash on saving game - wrong character
When saving game with forbidden characters - \ ? * game crashes.
Uploaded files: log.txt, west.usg

Of course, if you dont know the reason, or how to choose right subject, type anything, we can change subject later.