Any updates on a map editor?

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Any updates on a map editor?

Unread postby PascalCase » Sun May 09, 2021 1:16 pm

Hi devs

If I'm not wrong, you did plan on releasing a map editor in the future. Do you have any ETA or can give us an update on its progress?

And if it's too much work for the near future, could you provide us with some kind of design document or information about the required format so we could build our own map editor?
It actually is already possible to add a custom map per mod, but it's crashing without the correct _cache folder. And while the placement of tiles seems straight forward (id, position/rotation/scale), that's all just guesswork on my part.

I'd actually love building some crappy sino-japanese campaign mod.

(I swear I'd actually do a better job at programming a map editor than at designing graphics :))
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