Turn messages

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Turn messages

Unread postby Carlec » Tue Mar 16, 2021 2:10 am

So, at the start of each turn, a series of messages scrolls down the left hand side. The icons are usually little envelopes. Those seem to suggest I can read the message, but I don’t see any place to do that. Instead, it just gives a cryptic message. Is there some place within the game to read more for each message? If not, is there a way to deal with, access or otherwise interact with what it’s saying? Examples are:
—“Operations recovered”
—“Intel recovered”
—“Force Pool recovered”

And so forth. I’ve seen engineering recovered, logistics recovered and so forth. It almost always it tied to a HQ unit. I’d like to know what the game is telling me, but I’m obviously missing it.

Oh...and one message often deals with stragglers...what is that about? I know it’s the little yellow men moving along the game board, but to what end? Are those going to become new force pool units I could dole out elsewhere?