Suggestion for supply ranges on hotkey

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Suggestion for supply ranges on hotkey

Unread postby DenimChicken34 » Tue Mar 02, 2021 7:53 am

Hey there, first of all absolutely LOVE this game! I liked the first game but found this to be a huge improvement imo, especially the campaign structure, difficulty curve and fleshing out of more systems. That being said, one little issue for me is that it is a bit more finicky to figure out the range of my supply lines for the purposes of planning and movement. Yes I can use the hotkey to see what is currently in supply and disruption levels, but I can't see the range numbers, which is very important when deciding where to push the front lines. Instead of seeing numbers at a glance with the hotkey like the first game, I have to hit the supply hub button and manually click on each supply hub I have to see each range. And I have to do that a lot because it can be hard to eyeball the ranges, with the different truck levels, terrains, roads etc especially when one hex can be crucial. AS FAR AS I KNOW there is no way around this - of course let me know if there is! Anyway this can really slow things down when I have multiple armies, a bunch of different supply hubs, and lots of different terrain, while I'm trying to plan lots of movements past my frontlines. It ends up bogging things down enough to get annoying sometimes, tbh.

Now I think I understand why it isn't there like the first game, because the supply system is more complex. If I only see numbers I might not understand which hub it's coming from. But really, if I really wanted to know which hub it's coming from, then it would make sense to go to the more granular view of each hub. At a glance, I think it would help a lot to just see the supply range taking into account all sources on a hotkey. As for how, I suppose you could put it under/over the supply disruption bar. To be honest I don't even find the disruption to be as important, since it's usually pretty similar across the entire front - I could go for just the range view. Of course for flexibility you could make it a toggle - show either the disruption, the range, or both.

Anyway, whaddya think? Anyone else agree with me or am I crazy? Am I missing something? Lemme know :D