"No one should play at this difficulty" - Hard Mode Walkthrough

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"No one should play at this difficulty" - Hard Mode Walkthrough

Unread postby Eqqman » Fri Aug 14, 2020 4:58 pm

Hello all-

Attached is my walkthrough for completing UoCII in Hard Mode with every bonus objective completed except for the Dragoon scenario which requires you to kill a specific unit that you may never even see.

The one caveat is that I was working on this in June and then life events forced me to take a break, so I am only maybe 90%+ completed with the campaign. But I decided to post this as incomplete rather than waste the effort I spent writing up my notes so far.

Given that this is a Hard campaign play-through, if you're struggling with modes below that this should definitely help you out some. I should also promote the Sampstra Games video play-throughs on YouTube, many of them helped me out a lot when I was first trying to get a grip on some of these scenarios.

EDIT: I did this before Update 12, so I can't to speak to anything that might be different now.
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