Is Fall Braun hard scenario?

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Is Fall Braun hard scenario?

Unread postby uran21 » Wed Dec 02, 2020 12:12 am

Is it hard or is it just... advanced. I mean it presents a very complex challenge especially for the opening moves but it also has a plethora of options to tackle those challenges.

Put a little suppressive fire across the major river to reduce the number of active steps, add air attack to make the unit more likely to retreat. Use river crossing on only vacant hex to initiate regular attack and… voila, in no time your units are pushing along the road from a position that seemed like a deadlock at first.

I did it in 8 turns on Classic (one secondary objective failed deliberately but all others were met in time). Not a single air supply drop was used and 2x flying artillery default assets stayed unused as well. This was also a deliberate choice to see can it be done, otherwise it could be done in 7 turns.

The fact you don’t have to race it to the maximum extent of your movement limits and hope no RNG will break your day along the way allows room for error or just for uneasy going at opening moves which is more likely to happen.

With all those options and all those challenges one needs to focus and shift CP consumption from turn to turn depending on how it is going to affect the next turn.

Anyway I blew holes in defenses and made sure no supply was coming to Allied forward positions on the first and cemented it on the second turn. This paid dividends for my long term supply situation. One Brandenburger card was used and as compensation a third paratrooper shifted to Swiss area (from north to south). Campaign environment with all specialist steps on my disposal played a role. Of all primary objectives Dijon is the trickiest IMO. Got near to 950 score even with taking unnecessary casualties at times. Score can go above 1000 if played for 9 turns.

I had a feeling of executing strategy in this one and it doesn’t seem so intimidating as it did at first try.

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Re: Is Fall Braun hard scenario?

Unread postby Wolfenshtein » Wed Dec 02, 2020 8:38 pm

I was able to get all objectives on time. But I restarted the whole campaign to carefully manage all prestige and specialists steps. Also, it was crucial for success to upgrade Heeresgruppe B for assault river crossing. With this HQ ability, it was very simple to breakthrough through Basel and take the southern railroad in control.

I found this scenario the most difficult. Just as you said, you have to keep so many things in mind during this scenario: paratroopers, river crossings, supply lines, pioneers and artillery specialist distributed is such a way as to make able to break the Maginot line using piece attacks...

The Midlands Blitz scenario takes the second place in difficulty level.

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Re: Is Fall Braun hard scenario?

Unread postby Clx- » Thu Dec 03, 2020 10:42 am

It's definitely the most difficult one in Blitzkrieg. I really enjoyed it in a similar way to Taifun in UOC1 (although not QUITE as good as Taifun), and it takes many tries until the optimal breakout points and cutoffs become clear.