Finished UoC II campaign - quick review and thoughts

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Finished UoC II campaign - quick review and thoughts

Unread postby frontovika » Sun Jun 28, 2020 10:14 pm

I've recently finished the campaigns for both UoC and UoC II - both are excellent games, and though I find that UoC II is an improvement in some aspects, I preferred UoC 1's relative simplicity - especially when it comes to the supply network mechanics.

UoC II's strengths are definitely the improved graphics and enhanced combat options - but I found its supply system (HQ & supply depots) to be a tad too frustrating in contrast to UoC 1.

I often had problems with the "out of range" error between my HQ and their relevant units, and the constant supply truck re-deployments becomes a tad tedious. UoC 1's system was simpler, but I thought it was more effective.

Thanks for reading.