Unternehmen Fortschritt

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Unternehmen Fortschritt

Unread postby sourdust » Sat Feb 24, 2018 9:26 am

Just posted a scenario I started maybe two years ago, just rediscovered it and decided to finish it.

April 1, 1941: Rashid Ali mounts a coup d'etat in Iraq, seizing power in opposition to the British colonial authorities. While Britain prepares a counterstrike, Nazi Germany sees an opportunity, and requests military access to Turkey, in order to provide arms, supplies and troops to support Ali.

Under intense domestic pressure from Turkish nationalists, Turkish President Ismet Inonu agrees, hoping to press Turkish claims in the Levant and Caucasus against Britain and Russia.

Rashid Ali's coup is crushed before the Germans can offer much assistance, but with a toehold in Turkey, Germany's generals draw up plans for a surprise attack on Russia's crucial oilfields at Baku. German paratroopers and Brandenburger commandoes would seize the oil facilities, and hold them until relieved by a fast-moving German column striking from the Turkish border. Axis forces would then pivot north, seizing crucial mountain passes and other bottlenecks against Russian counterattack.

Designer notes
The airborne landing is simulated by giving the Axis two "partisan" units, which can act as pathfinders, clearing a landing ground on turns 1 and 2 for the German airborne troops. To see where the airborne troops can land, check the reinforcement hexes for the paratroopers before using the partisans.

Goering has promised he can supply both the airborne troops in Baku and the German spearhead, but you'll find airborne resupply doesn't quite cut it! Beware Russian partisans, which can cut the narrow rail corridor you will be carving out.

I have used Romanian troops to represent the Turkish Army, which at this time was not well equipped or trained. Use them for anti-partisan and mopping up operations.

Seizure of Batumi early is essential; if the main rail line isn't opened up by turn five, you'll be in trouble!

The name "Unternehmen Fortschritt" is completely made-up, by the way.

As always, any comments on the scenario would be most welcome. It's very hard to get a brilliant victory, but it is possible.