Operation Gertrud

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Operation Gertrud

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This is an ahistorical scenario based on the drafted plan of Unternehmen Gertrud (or Gertrude).

In this scenario the Germans along with their pressed ganged allies have the task of smashing through Anatolia in order to reach the oilfields in the Soviet Union, as well as forcing their way to the Suez Canal to help the Italians.
Because of the latter strategy, the Italians have agreed to assist by launch naval and airborne operations alongside German troops on the coast as well as a large land force respresented as the 2nd Army. The Germans gather their strength in form of the 12. Armee, with troops coming from the Balkans (where the resistance is still not as out of control as it is in later years), as well as from Greece.

Panzergruppe 'Turkei' is assembled as the veteran 6th Panzer Division and the newer formed panzer divisions as well as a panzer division from Norway. These tank divisions aren't as impactful as the 6th but still will act as the tip of the spear. Furthermore, the newly formed Prinz Eugen as well as the veteran Totenkopf are participating as well. Romanian and Bulgarian interests are also here, however the Bulgarians are keeping out of it unless the Germans can garuntee the can capture Istanbul and push into the interior.

==The Plan==

1. Smash through or encircle Turkish forces on the border, the quicker this is done the better chance of completing objectives. Don't forget to expand your supply!
2. Work along the coastline to capture the objectives, with reinforcements being available after catching specific objectives
3. Race against time when the interior is openned up, Turkish reinforcements from the far East will trickle in to the Capital, Ankara as a last ditch effort.
4. Push north, east and south simultaneously to meet the overall operational objectives.
5. Strong British/Indian forces will spawn on turn 10, as well as partisans, Turkish corps and later rounds Soviet 'Expeditionary' forces will spawn on the border to delay the German's entry.
6. Manage your supply lines, and your units strengths and you should have no problems. With time as your strongest opponent, particularly once the east begins to dig in.

Have fun, and any comments, suggestions, questions please let me know.
Remember that the older versions of this scenario will be in the forums.


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Re: Operation Gertrud

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Sounds nice, when i can see it in a game?