[RT] Belgrade Strategic Offensive

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[RT] Belgrade Strategic Offensive

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"The Soviets had enormous success starting in August with the Romanians switching against the Axis and the Bulgarians following thereafter. Months after the Germans in the Balkans are in a weak state, fighting against growing Yugoslavian partisan armies, the newly arrived Soviet armies and it's former allies. In this scenario you lead the charge of liberating Belgrade."

Unit locations and overall partisan layout was taken from a few maps and a few books that made small reference to the units. I tried to make it as interesting as possible by throwing in weak German reinforcements at turn 4, as a desperate gesture to hold on Belgrade.

The Plan:
1. Smash through the weak forces in front of Nis, push the 57th to encircle 1. Gebirgs-Division and further ahead.
2. Actively use your partisan forces to cut Axis divisions from their supply - if you do not do this they may reorganize and cripple your divisions.
3. Make sure to advance north of Belgrade and cut off Belgrade from the north around Novi Sad as done in the real war.
4. Focus on reinforcing partisans or divisions holding onto objectives that are near German troop movements.
5. Use airstrikes to cripple the stronger divisions - not paying attention to vulnerable divisions may cost you victory!
6. German reinforcements will dump around Belgrade at turn 4, although they are not strong, step reinforcements are available afterwards that may make these weak units a new bulwark to stop your advancements.
7. Do not be afraid for your units to run out of supply. The Soviets and Royal Air Force have agreed to supply your Partisan and stretched out units. There are also plenty of hub areas that may be liberated to aid supplies getting to the front line.


1. Fixed some unit placements, corrected some errors (it wasn't the Wiking division near Sarajevo, it was the 5 SS V corps HQ (supposedly)
2. Changed some units strengths and spread some units out to really emphasize the chaotic nature of the later months of 1944 for the Wehrmacht.
3. Heavy Soviet reinforcements at turn 6; due to the preperation for the Battle of Debrecen. Although you should not need it due to the overall easy setup of this scenario.

==If you like this scenario or have any comments or suggestions please let me know, I look forward to hearing your input, thank you!==
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