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[RT] Operation Margarethe III

Unread postby hawkerace » Sun Nov 13, 2016 7:30 am

-Hypothetical Scenario-


This is my third scenario. Please comment with suggestions and input. This is the first scenario I've seen that includes a huge Bulgarian and Yugoslavian presence.

"Just under a month after the brilliance of the Wehrmacht's ability to force themselves over the gates of Bucharest, the Soviets have found themselves checked in their door kicking in the Balkans. Unfortunately the German victory feels borderline Pyrrhic due to the Bulgrian nation switching sides. OKH desides that Heeresgruppe E and F should keep the initiative in the region and destroy the relatively untested Bulgarian army, and driving the Soviets to focus elsewhere.

This scenario bases itself on the already hypothetical Margarethe II and only if it was a Brilliant Victory success. "

This is my most ambitious scenario to date, and a lot of liberties were taken due to the lack of detail in the Bulgarian region, and a real lack of English text of the south-eastern front during October.

The plan:

You will want to consilidate yourself around Bucharest, there are a lot of really strong tank corps that will kick your exposed infantry divisions. Retreat if you have to, or blunt the corps by risking panzer divisions against them.
Ploiesti was lost in the kerfuffle of events, although a recent loss - the Soviets find their flank exposed and Hungarian's and the 24. PzD posed for a counter-attack.
Push from Greece with Heeresgruppe E (that has not already participated in Margarethe II), Heeresgruppe F/2nd Panzerarmee from central Serbia.
Yugoslavian partisans are a presence but will not explore much further than Yugoslavian regions that they're experienced operating in. However, if you leave them unchecked they will grow and may become ambitious to take Belgrade.
Taking Sofia should be your earliest concern besides Romania, if you're late in capturing the capital, a powerful army (represented by the 57th army) will spawn in the vicinity and make your armies strain in the area.
Skopje has a lot of Bulgarian presence, but they are not mechanized and if you play your cards right, are ripe for an encirclement.
Air attacks will harrase your units, and AA units are quite sparse. Shuffle your brigades as soon as possible and focus on keeping units you deem important, alive.
There are a -few- reinforcements trickling in, as well as a pretty generous amount of rounds - I havent completely play tested this scenario so some updates may come. However there ar a few powerful divisions available with prestige.
Polizei can be placed first round, with you picking their entry point. I would recommend north of Bucharest if you're having troubles with Ploiesti or Nis if you're worried about not taking Sofia properly.
There are a few air strikes available due to Lohr's presence in Serbia - but don't expect much.
I put a few unpassable squares to represent the mountains in Yugoslavia and Bulgaria - I don't blame the developers for keeping the area a bit sparse, but it really does take away from the immersion of this scenario.

It has a few issues as of this release but I will work on polish ASAP.

Thank you for reading and have fun.
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